Sunday, 29 June 2014

22nd June 2014 - Bed is Goooooooood!

We were awake far too early this morning. 5 hours sleep is not good after a long day. Especially a long day with lots of booze. Trust Paul, he'll tell you.

I felt fine! Just tired! Paul...not so much. His body was broken. Not literally.

We lazed and drank tea and recounted the day before with happy smiles. I also discovered I had brought some friends home with me!

Excuse Barney photobombing the pic! I found these finger puppets and I have no idea why I have them! I have a vague recollection of the panda with the pink baboon bottom but the rest...I got nothin!

Barney was being all cute curled up on my pillow for a good long while. I couldn't lie down but what cat mummy moves their baby when they're curled up and cute?! Even if it puts you out?!

Paul was in a lot of pain. His head. His arm. His leg. Especially his leg. Want to know why?

Don't know if you can see it, but there's a rather epic bruise on his calf.

Not sure if that's better.

Yeah. He doesn't remember how he did it, just that it hurt. He also has a bruise on his tricep and on his forehead right between his eyes. THAT one was assisted by a certain auburn-hair Australian...the rest - I have no idea about.

Paul + Lee + Bouncy Castle = Never Again. Wifey says.

I also obtained an injury. Somehow I seem to have gotten burnt across my back. Not sunburn, an actual burn! I thought that maybe someone had got me with a sparkler by accident, but my dress is still intact! I have no idea what has happened but there's a red line across my back which has blistered slightly. It doesn't really hurt either. It's a mystery!

Maia helped inspect my dress for burn holes. There was nothing there. She slept on it anyway!

Barney just slept. It's nice to be him, isn't it? I wish I could have slept but it just didn't happen! The later it got, the more tired I got but the less I could allow myself to even think about napping otherwise I wouldn't sleep later. Not good!

So I had some food instead.

Snacky lunch to help soak up any leftover alcohol.

I sent every picture I took (barring a few blurred ones) to Chris for him and Ceri to enjoy and then chilled for a while. Paul watched the Grand Prix and Barney complained about how warm it was! He too, then curled up on my dress!

I'd like to think it's because it smells of Mummy, but that wouldn't appeal to Barney. It's just something to lie on that they know they aren't supposed to!

I joined Paul and we watched some football and ate stodgy dinner.

These are breaded mozzarella sticks. They didn't really keep their shape whilst cooking. Poor road-kill mozzarella!

We didn't stay up late. We were both knackered and have work tomorrow. Guess where we aren't going in the morning. Again. Urgh.



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