Monday, 30 June 2014

23rd June 2014 - The things we do for our babies!

As mentioned at the end of yesterday's post, we both knew we would not be gymming this morning. It was probably for the best to make that plan before sleep rather than have the alarm go off at silly o'clock and not be able to get back to sleep again afterwards so the lie in was pointless.

I pottered around the house a little before heading out to work. A is back today so it could either be a mental day or a quiet one. He was grumpy (what's new) and hid in his room. Fine by us! BossMan T was also in and being grumpy. It was a day for the grumps.

I don't know how BossMan T can be grumpy though! He's been sorting through paperwork and his Grandson drew him this:

Isn't that awesome?! He had another Captain America drawing that he had done but maybe I'll save taking a pic of that for another time! Little D is clearly a comic guy! :)

When I came home, I decided to get all the ironing done today so I could have the rest of the weekend off big chores like that! Paul was late coming home so I was kept company by the babies!

Barney is too hot and bothered. He turned his belly to the tiny draught coming from the window. He's not happy.

Maia also kept me company, but she wasn't so bothered by the heat.

The first thing I insisted on doing when Paul got home was go into the loft to get the fan down. Was going to get the suitcases down as well for our upcoming holiday, but decided against it as the house is a mess already as it is without extra clutter.

I then went back to the ironing, slightly cooler than before, thanks to the fan and Paul got on with dinner.

Spicy pork steaks with cold beans, coleslaw and salad. Mmmm! It was nice. Nothing amazing, but nice!

We watched the new episode of True Blood as it started last night! No Eric. Not amused. Then I went back upstairs to do the rest of the the ironing. That's how the evening went!



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