Sunday, 1 June 2014

26th May 2014 - Naughty but Nice!

Sadly this is the last bank holiday Monday until August. Boo. I could easily get used to 4 day weeks! They make everything so much more...pleasant!

We stayed in bed for a little while making the most of lie in time on a Monday, then got up and had an epic breakfast! Naughty but nice!

 Mmmm...grill up...proper good English breakfast!

Because we haven't really done much over the past couple of days, I did pretty much all my weekend chores and some others, including cleaning both shower heads (quite a gross job but bicarb of soda is a godsend on limescale!) and the downstairs shower which was far more icky than it looked. Then the shower blocked. GREAT.

I did a small trip into the loft to store some stuff and get down my ickle suitcase as I have travels tomorrow and it will make my journey much easier!

I guess it's not that little though, as it's the perfect size for Barney!

If it was truly small, it would be Maia sized. But then, I guess, you wouldn't be able to fit anything in it! Maybe that's my toiletry bag or something! :)

I couldn't actually pack much as I'd need it tomorrow morning, but I tried!

I got the vac out and attacked the rug and the scratching post which were both caked in cat hair. Almost forgot that the cat tree was so light! All Maia's forward rolls over it have made it a lot darker!

There's something quite satisfying about's a shame I'm too lazy to do it more often!

Paul did some work and I did more sorting out. We then had dinner, watched some tv and had a reasonably early night.

Not the most exciting of days, but still, pretty good! Shame we have to work tomorrow!



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