Tuesday, 3 June 2014

27th May 2014 - Bad Influences...

Paul wasn't feeling particularly well this morning so we didn't gym. I also had a terrible sleep and was a bit cranky.

No, thank you person on Tumblr for making me see there's a whole world of gifs out there that actually work with my life!

I went to work with a bit of a face on as I really just wanted to sleep, not work! T was just the same, so at least there were two of us in the mix. Sadly that made it a REALLY long day in the office.

After said really long day in the office when I just wanted to go home and curl up into a ball until morning I couldn't. WAAA. I had a train to catch. And then another train. And then another train. I'm popping to the homeland for the night.

OK, so not my homeland but I didn't take a pic of Lichfield Trent Valley!

I have a dentist appointment tomorrow (a long way to go for the dentist but meh, I do it every year!) so decided to come back tonight to make it easier! Plus my Dad was away so I could be company for Mum!

It was something like 7:30pm by the time I got home. My train journey was uneventful except for listening to some pretentious posh people discussing the last time they ate figs. True story.

We got in and I called Paul to see how he was feeling when I was accosted by a medium-sized fur beast!

He wanted ear scritches and belly rubbins NOW please. He didn't care I was on the phone. He even complained when I didn't! Too cute!

His mama, Sophie, also wanted some attention! Not so much belly tickles but I managed to sneak a few in! :)

I mean look how fluffy that belly is! How could I not?! She's so lovely! Such a lovely kitty!

Gorgeous girl.

Mum had made chicken casserole for dinner so I helped her dish up and while doing so, I noticed that somehow, against all odds, Mum had managed to keep one of our wedding plants alive! Not just alive but thriving!

Nearly 9 months on and it's still flowering and looking healthy! Not sure mine lasted 9 days, let alone 9 months!

Dinner was good and we had a natter. Plus maybe a glass of wine. Or two. Or three. *sigh* it's ALL my mother's fault. All of it. I blame her.

It soon came time for beddy byes so off I went to my childhood bedroom, which has changed only a tiny bit in the 10 years since I last lived there...in that it's used for storage and every available surface that a kitty might sleep on is covered in a towel/blanket!

My old PC is on my old desk...and hidden by cat boxes etc.

My old chest of drawers is now Sophie's plinth!

My blurry bedroom (complete with battered carpet...oops!) is now full of kitty things!

My cds, Aragorn and Legolas have survived. That's something. There's also a pic of me in first year Uni doing karaoke. Ah, those were the days!

How welcoming does my bed (with kitty blanket over it, of course!) look right now?!

"Get away from my bed. It's my bed, not yours. You may not sleep here!"

If only I knew then that he meant that when he said it. Not that he said it out loud...it was more of an implication...and I ruined my cliffhanger. Well done me!


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  1. I got one of those plants when my dad was in the hospital and we were so close to losing him. It lasted me many many years.. (and thankfully my father outlived the plant!)