Wednesday, 4 June 2014

28th May 2014 - Another loooooong day!

So it was an interesting night. The cats scared me. I scared them. It was a scare circle. Sophie played with the track toy thing and made me wake up with a shock. This made her run a mile. Charlie decided to get himself some biscuits from the tower maze about half an hour later which made me jump again. He too jumped and had fur sticking out like a bottle brush!

Then the bird song kept me awake. I forgot how loud it is to be in the 'countryside'...also known as more rural than Liverpool!

Anyway, I had to get up at the usual time (no tiny lie in...booo!) to get ready for my dentist appointment. Mum was cute and got me all the various different cereals out, a bowl and a spoon, like I didn't know where they were kept! I had some of my Dad's museli (which was interesting...but nice!) and even washed my dish! I NEVER did that when I lived at home! See how grown up I am now?!

We headed to the dentist and I was in and out in no time at all! I think the trip to the hygienist the week before the wedding probably made all the difference! I'm free for another year! I'll probably find a dentist closer to where I live though, by then. Although they don't seem bothered!

We went home for a quick brew before heading over to visit my brother and sis-in-law! Of course, Teddybear too! I couldn't be that close and not see him!

Taken from Tumblr. Because this joke will not get old. Until people forget all about HIMYM at least!
So yeah! I was so brave at the dentist that I got a reward in the form of Teddy cuddles! I had to wrestle him away from my mother though. Seriously - that's some baby talk she can do. She's worse than me and I thought I was bad!


This is the closest I got to a smile in a picture but I did get a smile or two! Lucky me! :) Plus Paul and I bought him that cardigan! Isn't it just so cute?!

Aw! Love him!

I also got my birthday present but my priorities were in order and had to have a Ted cuddle first!

I'll show you my present a little later on!

I got to give Ted a gift that I ordered a few weeks ago! It arrived yesterday (don't think I mentioned it!) and I can show you now!
Photo taken from the talented maker's facebook page. You can visit it here. She's excellent!
I think it went down well! I love Peter Rabbit and I liked the sentiment written on it. Plus all his birth details. Perfect! :)

After a lovely hour with Ted (and Mike and Annabel, of course!) which ended in him screaming as he was very tired (like Auntie like Nephew!) I had to head to the train station and make my way back to Liverpool as I had work to go to. Boooo.

A short trip back to Stafford station, then a long wait for my connecting train to Liverpool. The waiting room was very boring but at least I had my fake Sookie stories (the audio book I downloaded the other week) to keep me company!

Once on the train it was lunch time! I got to have my treat lunch!

Mmmm! Christmas sandwich! As I was too ill to have one actually after Christmas I had to get mine from the wonderful Loafers! I lived on their sandwiches during my years in my Saturday job and also when I worked full time on my year out! Not cheap, but worth every penny! Well done, Loafers for not letting me down yet!

I got to work with 6 minutes to spare before my day officially started. Yeah. I'm not convinced it actually did start! It's so difficult to get into work mode when you've been off all morning! At least it is for me! I'd already done loads of travelling and visiting people, I now had to do work! Meanies! I should have taken the full day off. Ah well, hindsight is a wonderful thing.

After work I wanted to go home and sleep until tomorrow but alas, that was not permitted. I had a date with The Italian Not-Torturer to see how my leg is doing.

Yeah, he said my leg is as good as it's going to be with it being longer than the other and attached to a wonky hip-pelvis and a back that's resistant to moving as it should. So that's nice! The tightness in the calf has gone but there is still pain in my foot. He said to try other exercise and if that doesn't work to see my gp who can refer me back to them for more treatment. Yeah. Great.

At least it means it's not going to cost me the earth every few weeks. So that's something!

Paul picked me up from the physio and brought me home, via the office so I could pick up my case etc. I was in shorts so didn't really want to be seen by anyone from the office wearing them. I have one or two bruises on my legs at the moment!

We got in and started organising dinner. I showed Paul my birthday present from my bro and sis!

Yep - it's a giant leopard-print shoe wine bottle holder! Perfect! Nice and tacky! With the bottle of wine thrown in! Even better!

We had decided while I was at their house where the perfect place for it to live is...

The bathroom window of course! Maybe not with the wine in it. Perhaps it could hold some bubble bath?

I was pretty knackered so didn't stay up late at all. I needed sleep and I needed it quick. Except Paul had decided to strip all the bedding this morning and hadn't put a new cover on. So while he washed up, I did that. I don't think I could have been more ready to curl up under the duvet than I was once I'd put it all back together again!



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