Thursday, 5 June 2014

29th May 2014 - Thumbs Up for Stephen

I think I slept better tonight. Which is a success! Paul still wasn't feeling great so no gym (bad) but he's starting to feel a little better so fingers crossed we'll get back there next week, if not tomorrow!

Nothing interesting happened at work. It was a long day, as always but productive all the same.

Really don't have much to talk about today. It was just a day.

I came home from work and set to with some ironing that I had to do. There wasn't a lot so I knew I'd be able to get it all done tonight.

My Mum text me to let me know about something that was on the tv. You may have heard about a young man called Stephen Sutton who was a teenager and diagnosed with terminal cancer. Instead of wallowing in sadness, he wanted to live the rest of his life, did his exams and wanted to raise some money for the Teenage Cancer Trust. His goal on his 'bucket list' was to raise £10,000. He lived long enough to see the total go over £3,000,000. Yep. That's three million pounds. As of writing this post, the total is now at £4.1 million.

You can donate here.

This young man became a bit of a celebrity in the UK for a while, with various famous people all championing his cause, but something that hit home more with me, I think, was because he was from a place called Burntwood, which is just down the road from where I grew up and where my parents still live.

Why am I telling you this today? Because Lichfield Cathedral held a vigil for Stephen tonight and it was broadcast, so I decided to watch it. It wasn't a religious ceremony but more a chance for people to reflect and offer their condolences. It was a bit strange, as the congregation were being asked for 'silence to remember' which is a little odd if you didn't actually know Stephen, but I took it as a chance to think of other people that have suffered in this way and also the difference that the money he has raised will make to those suffering now.

One thing that was prominent through Stephen's 'campaign' (for want of a better word) were pictures of him giving the thumbs up sign. So at the end of the vigil, people who had gone to the service (and indeed, people who were outside or wanted to go there the next day) were encouraged to approach Stephen's coffin and give him the thumbs up! A very strange sight for Lichfield Cathedral which has always been so serious on my many many visits there!

Burntwood, Lichfield and many neighbouring towns and villages decorated their streets, shops etc with yellow ribbons in tribute to Stephen. I noticed it a little when I was there yesterday but Lich went all out overnight. It was lovely to see.

Here's my contribution. The duvet colour is yellow in real life. It was the closest I could get to yellow ribbon!

Taken from Facebook
Once I had finished ironing, I sat watching some Veronica Mars because I was bored. Paul was out with work people. Again. But I suppose I was away the other night so it's only fair that I spend some time on my own. :(

He wasn't too late back but it was time to go to sleep pretty pronto once he returned.



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