Friday, 6 June 2014

30th May 2014 - Spoiling EVERYTHING!


We didn't gym. We will next week though. Promise!

We both headed to our respective offices and I had (sort of) forgotten I'd be the first in this morning! Although I had met T on the walk in through the train station so she was with me. I had to unlock and felt extra pressure as T was watching re-learning how to open up with the alarm and shutters! It's always that time when you're thinking about what you're doing when something goes wrong, yet doing it on auto-pilot isn't a problem!

T and I were on our own and were having quite a good day! We were also excited because we knew what the last Friday of the month means...FIZZ FRIDAY! WHOOP!

Except it all went wrong. A was supposed to be out of the office all day and BossMan T is on holiday, thus meaning Fizz Friday is far easier for us to enjoy. A came into the office at 2pm and didn't leave. He kept floating around so we didn't get chance to open the fizz. BOO. NOT HAPPY.

He used to join in but hasn't seemed particularly interested of late. Plus the fact that he never gets the round in. So much for team building.

I brought the bottle home and opened it myself when Paul got back.

I enjoyed it. We watched some TV and relaxed for the rest of the evening, which was nice. It wasn't an overly late night too, which is even better!



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