Saturday, 7 June 2014

31st May 2014 - Getting our glad rags ready!

We were both awake quite early this morning, which isn't a bad thing! We listened to some tunes, drank tea and generally chilled out!

We had decided to head to town quite early this morning as we had to both get outfits for Chris & Ceri's wedding in a few weeks time. 3 weeks today, to be precise! EEKS! However, after looking at the weather for the day, it was going to be a lovely afternoon, so we decided to go in the afternoon instead! YAY! More lazing around time!

Barney also made himself at home under my knees under the duvet as well. This is not like him. He does not do this!

I was catching up on a few blog posts when everything stopped loaded. Huh. Our wifi had gone off. We switched it off and on again a couple of times which usually fixes that sort of thing and nothing. I searched through our internet provider (Virgin Media - yep, I'll name and shame!)'s website for help. CRAP WEBSITE.

Eventually I was able to find a page which said that there was a fault in our area and it was acknowledged and would be fixed by 1835 hours. That's a long time away! Not impressed by that.

Anyway, it didn't matter too much as we were heading into town so we got ready and off we went!

We both went off on our own for a while to see what was out there. I wasn't overly impressed with what I saw. Everything is so bright! I will wear bright colours occasionally  but I feel the need to have a bit of colour to me first! I need some semblance of a tan otherwise I just look REALLY pale!

We met up again after an hour, had a quick drink then both went to look at what each of us had found. Paul hadn't really been successful, sadly. The one thing he did like was ridiculously small sized. So even their larger sizes would have been too small. Stupid high street shops. He has options to ponder which is good.

We then went to look at a couple of dresses I had seen and Paul decided he liked one I wasn't too sure about. I tried it on and other than it being too big (YES!!!!!!!) it looked nice! So as there was a 20% sale on, I went for it. Can't be bothered faffing around shopping any more!

We looked at some other stuff in shops but my ankle was starting to hurt, so we went to get a snack. Note that I said snack.

We got to Hopskotch, where I met Koran the other week, sat down and ordered some food and a beer. I was tempted by a cocktail but decided not to. I'd be very giddy before you know it.

We got some picky food off the 'tapas' style menu and chatted about holiday etc. All good. Then the food came!

Chilli beef nachos
Vegetable fritata and chips
Cola ribs
 Yep. Snack. Sadly the chilli on the nachos was cold and so we sent it back. We ate the rest of the food and they came out with more nachos. We could have done without them but ate them anyway! Means we don't need to find anything for dinner later on!

After enjoying our drink, we headed back to the car with me limping a little. Once home, Paul popped to the shops to get some snacky bits in case we get peckish later.

I made a new friend.

 Handsome, isn't he? EEEEEEAAAAAAUUUUUUGGHHH. Not the biggest arachnid fan.

The cats just looked at him and weren't interesting. Typical. Gone are the days when Maia would bring me a spider in bed. For the record I'm not looking back on those days fondly.

We sat in the yard all evening waiting for our internet to come back on. It didn't. Customer Services weren't available to speak with so we just drank gin and talked to each other. Shocking, I know!

We may have annoyed the neighbours a little as I can't say we were being particularly quiet...and we didn't get to bed til, like, 1am...




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