Tuesday, 10 June 2014

3rd June 2014 - More Meh!

Paul had a REALLY bad night's sleep. Which meant that his light-sleeping wife also had a bad night. Typical.

He managed to get to sleep so as soon as the gym alarm went off, I switched it off. Which was good as he was able to get to sleep again for a little while longer. Not good when you are tired but you can't sleep.

Bad us for not going to the gym but sleep is more important.

Work was work and same old same old. Nothing at all exciting to report on that front.

Then home. I set stuff up to do some ironing, then when Paul came home, he did some tidying up and I ironed. Got about half of it done so will do the rest on Thursday. I watched some Lost while I was doing it which is always entertaining, to me, at least!

We had dinner and watched some TV. I then went to clear some space up stairs while Paul washed up and we had a fairly early night. Paul read and I slept as soon as my head hit the pillow!

Maia, judging Barney, like you do. We do, anyway. He was being a naughty little sausage!



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