Thursday, 12 June 2014

5th June 2014 - Let's Get Naked! (Sort of...)

Wow, with a title like that, I expect this post to get lots of hits! Roll up, roll up, wherever you are!

Yeah, don't be alarmed/excited. No nudity here!

We went to the gym this morning and I did more cardio! Go me! I'm getting back into this gym malarkey! I cross trained and went on the wave machine (which makes you step sideways rather than forwards) and it felt ok!

Then to work, which was just as blah as ever! In fact, it was downright crappy to be honest! Can't remember why, I just remember it being a lousy day! The only good thing was a nice delivery I received!

See! I got naked! As in Naked Wines! We had enough money in our accounts for a box which got delivered to my office! Yes, my colleagues were jealous! MWAHAHAHA! Luckily Paul was able to collect me and the wine from the office otherwise it would have been a tricky walk home!

Paul wasn't home for long as he had a do to go to, so after he left I finished off the ironing, then lazed for the rest of the evening. Wasn't the most exciting of evenings, I'm afraid! I even ate leftovers from last night so I didn't have an original tea either!

Barney was his usual helpful self...

Yes, I did immediately 'huff' the belly...and swiftly got kicked in the face. Charming.

Paul wasn't too late home but I was already mostly asleep. I think I grunted acknowledgement when he got in but don't really remember much more than that!



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