Friday, 13 June 2014

6th June 2014 - Injury, treats and kitty cats!

Friday morning is upon us once more! It's come round so soon, thank goodness!

We went off to the gym, like good folk! I decided I needed to do some arm weights so off to the weight machines I went. On one that is mostly for your triceps, my hand slipped and the handle whacked my wrist. Ouch. I felt that one. My whole arm went weak-ish afterwards. Carried on doing weights though! I'm good, right? More on that later.

Someone was being naughty when we got back home. Chasing Maia and making her growl. :( He got told off. This is his response.

Too cute to shout at, right? Yes, he pulled that pose last night as well while being good. That's because I hadn't been paying him enough attention. Can't win!

We had some technical problems today while at work. Not what is needed on a sunny Friday as we just want to go home! We got kicked out of our system for a spell so we filed our nails and put the world to rights until it came back on.

As it was such a lovely afternoon, there was only one thing for it at the end of the day. FOAMY FRIDAY!

Yes, Fizz Friday may be a thing of the past as it's difficult to justify the time to a whole bottle of prosecco, sadly. So I brought a couple of beers from home to enjoy last thing! It was nice!

Team building...or something like that!

When I got home, I did a few chores, then chilled in the yard waiting for Paul to come home. I also admired the purple mark that was appearing on my wrist from this morning's little incident...

Next to my knee for colour contrast. Why do my legs look tan? They're pasty as anything!

We chilled in the yard for the rest of the evening, enjoying a couple of beverages in the warmth. We did have company, too!

They both had their own folding chair so they could be part of the party! Bless them!

It then started to rain. Getting heavier and heavier, so we retreated inside. We have a busy weekend ahead so need some rest!



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