Sunday, 15 June 2014

8th June 2014 - Mum & Dad's 40th (Ruby) Wedding Anniversary

My Mum and Dad have been married for 40 years! Cripes! That's a bloomin' long time!

As today is a special day, we agreed to go down to see them today! Which involved getting up, dressed and ready at a completely unreasonable hour for a Sunday morning!

Still, it was all worth it to see this cheeky face...


Wait for it...



From Tumblr. This will never get old. Sorry.


Google plus made me a gorgeous gif of the mountain of pics I took! I love it! You can all coo over him too!


We all trundled along to my Dad's church for a nice Pentecost service (which was loooooooooooooooong) and were given a nicely decorated pew to park ourselves on by the choir!

The reason we went to Church was to witness Mum and Dad renew their wedding vows! After 40 years their Ruby Anniversary being on a Sunday, it had to be done!


It was a long service but was worth it to see Mum and Dad do that and they got a jolly big round of applause afterwards! :)

From church, we all headed back to Mum and Dad's to get the party STARTED!

Not before a quick group shot!

Aren't we a pretty bunch?! Photo was taken my my parents' next door neighbour who couldn't fathom out how to use the digital camera. Was quite entertaining!

This is the card I got for Mum and Dad. Mum thought I'd made it. HA! Like I'm this talented. I bought this from the very wonderful Jill Chapman on Folksy! One day I'll be this good...maybe...

Smiling Teddy likes it! :) We got him this little suit and it fits and he's gorgeous!

We had some grub, which was nice and chatted away! Ted was fed and had a nap, it was all nice! Then for the best bit! The cheese!

We got this yesterday, can't remember if I said! It was delish! We even got to bring some home which is extra awesome!

Then time for more chilling!

Teddy had some time with Granddad! I think Granddad enjoyed it very much!

Ted enjoyed it too!

Of course, Grandma had to steal him back!

Then he was passed to Paul!


Of course I got cugs too, but no one photographed those. Boo. I got smiles and coos but also gurgles and grimaces. So it was time for Teddybear to go home to sleep!

We stayed a little longer. It was then that Charlie got into a fight with a neighbours cat and was roughed up quite a lot.

This is before the fight. He hid under the sofa and wouldn't come out. His paw was bloodied but he wouldn't let us look at it. He played a little under the sofa but wouldn't come out. We let him stay there. He'd come out eventually.

Before we left I snapped this picture:

This was the rose that Paul and I gave to my Mum as a thank you gift. It's fair to say that it's flourishing just a little!

We headed home and got back so Paul could watch the end of the Grand Prix, then we watched 'Soccer Aid' which was entertaining. Then time for bed after an exhausting day!

Happy 40th anniversary, Mum and Dad! Here's to many more!



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