Tuesday, 17 June 2014

9th June 2014 - Sleep is for the weak!

So I feel crappy today. Well and truly rotten. Not good at all. I was coughing quite a lot in the night, so I pretty much had a terrible night's sleep. Waaaa.

We didn't gym, unsurprisingly, but stayed in bed a little longer. Oh well.

I made it through the full day in work as well, although I'm not overly sure how! It wasn't easy! I'm not that busy which makes the day drag on far longer than it should have.

Plus the fact that our system went down for about an hour and we couldn't do anything at all! ARGH!

From Reaction Gif
Extremely frustrating. Everyone kept asking me when it was going to start working again. Yeah, hold on for one minute while I just use my gift of foresight. I DON'T KNOW! I'N NOT THE IT GUY...who incidentally didn't know when it would come back on either...

I really felt naff so when I came home there was nothing I really wanted to do except go to bed. I did some tidying up and almost nodded off before Paul came in! We had dinner and watched the usually mad ninth episode of Game of Thrones and vegetated a little...

From Fandom Base

... As did Little Beep!

He really doesn't fit on that platform! Doesn't bother him! So I switched the flash on!

He's a daft boy. That's pretty much the best description for him.

We also cancelled our Virgin Media package tonight as we still don't have wifi and it's making things rather difficult. Yes, we managed to live without it but that's before we had it! We don't want to have to *gasp* talk to each other! Paul phoned up to do it and I didn't think he'd be able to as the account is in my name, but he was, thank goodness! They tried to give us a better price and offer, which is very kind of them but WHERE WERE THESE OFFERS LAST WEEKEND WHEN WE WERE ASKING FOR HELP?! Too little too late. Cancelled. I think she was also trying to flirt Paul into staying with them. It's my account, bitch. Hands off. Just cancel it. They have, which is good. 30 days notice is a pain but never mind. It makes me laugh that when you switch to them from another company, they tell you to state in your letter to your previous provider that you want it cancelling immediately. So I stole the cancellation template from their website, amended it to their details and am going to send that to them. Boom.

Then to bed and fingers crossed for a better night's sleep!



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