Sunday, 20 July 2014

12th July 2014 - Happy Birthday Ma-In-Law! (Holiday Day 1!)

Early start. Suckfest for a Saturday!

We showered and got together the last few odds and ends, bits and bobs that needed to be gathered for our vacances. There always seems to be one more thing that needs to be put in the case after you've locked it, right?

One of the last few bits to be put in the case was an old friend of mine - my favourite bookmark, made by Mia at Three Violet Buttons, back when she made this sort of thing!

It had got a bit tarnished over the years so I gave it a bit of a clean with my jewellery cleaner, also my wedding/engagement ring (multi-tasking!) and it came up good! I've lost count of how many holidays this has been on but I have a problem with people who crease the corner of a page or *gasp* leave the book open face down (poor cracked spine!) so this is my way of combating such atrocities!

Then, at the entirely reasonable hour of 8am we called a taxi and prepared ourselves for our trek to the airport!

We sailed through check in and went to have breakfast. After last year's disappointing experience at one of the restaurants in the airport we were left with two options: Weatherspoons or Frankie & Benny's. Yeah. We might have eaten at the same restaurant two days running. Two meals running. Whatever, it was awesome!

After a speedy and not disappointing breakfast, we headed to duty free, bought some fizz for Paul's Mum's birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUMMY KIRKHAM! - some new sunglasses for Paul and a new scent for me! Paul chose the fragrance as obviously I can't smell it and he'll have to put up with it so it's best that he likes how it smells!

We then went to chill and it's time for the annual photograph. I might have to make a collage of these pics one day!

 Paul plus pint at a usually inappropriate time of the day. Holiday tradition: check!

I got in on the action. With a more mediocre serving!

Really quickly we were on the plane! We had speedy boarding so much to the annoyance of most people, we were fast tracked onto the pain. We're not so fussed to be honest. We just like being able to sit in the extra leg room sears. The downside being that we have this:

We're in the emergency space! If something goes wrong on this flight, I am in charge of this emergency exit. High pressure indeed. You know that I revised that emergency sheet they give you with the best of my study skill! If this plane is going down, I'm going to be the master of this exit! The only downside being that if we crash on water we all have to hug each other and float in the water awaiting rescue. No inflatable to hold. I don't swim so well. Fingers crossed.

Well the fact that I am typing this should indicate that all was well and we arrived in a very overcast Nice safe and sound to be greeted by Paul's parents not long after! I hate waiting for baggage though. It's the worst feeling awaiting your case just in case it's yours that has been misplaced...but it wasn't this time. All was well!

We headed to the apartment and started unpacking. We looked over our favourite view and found it cloudy but that's ok. It's the first evening of the week! Can't really grumble as we're away from everything!

We headed to the restaurant just down the hill from where we were staying for dinner. I had my traditional lasagne. Well - we've been going to the same apartment for 6 years and the same restaurant on the first night for 6 years, it would be wrong to order something else on the first night, right? Plus the lasagne is really good! :)

I managed nearly all of it, but considering there was quite a lot, I couldn't manage it all. Paul obliged, kindly, then ordered dessert for himself!

Tiramisu. Paul's favourite. He really rates this one as well. It does look good, don't you think?!

We headed back up to the apartment for a little drink before bed. Sunset was lovely to watch with a cheeky gin and tonic in hand.

Then, after watching the World Cup third place play off, it was time for bed! Long and weary day.



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