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13th July 2014 - Brits Abroad (Holiday Day 2!)

I was surprised to find that I slept very well, considering that it's usually scorchio in the room and I am disturbed! I think it was a little cooler than it has been in previous years, which helps!

We had a brew (or two) on our balcony while we decided what we wanted to do and once that decision was made, we went right out and did it!

We decided to go on a rail trip to Monaco!

Villefranche station is very small and a little bit of a trek away from the apartment but we walked there via some shops and made it in perfect time to catch a train!

The local trains are double decker, so we imagined that they would be very well kept and there would be loads of room. We were wrong on both counts.

We managed to find some fold-away seating in the corridor by the out of order toilet. Apparently it stank there, but as they were the only seats we could find, it was the best option.

It only took 15 minutes to get to Monaco, which is about half the time it takes to drive it! Awesome! Instead of going to the casino and our usual haunts, we decided to go on an adventure to the other side of Monaco, behind the palace and see what's there!

We walked up a LOT of steps, past lots of high rise apartment buildings which probably all cost a fortune. Worth it for the view they have though!

 But still we kept on climbing until we were both too shattered to climb any more and would have got really bad vertigo!

We looked out over towards the sea and found the stadium of Monaco's football team!

So pretty! So we decided to find it!

It took us a little while to work our way back down but it was a pretty view to get down so couldn't complain too much!

There it was! Stade Louis II!

We decided to walk around the outside of the stadium, which was very bizarre, until we found the famous arches!

Note my JJ Abrams-esque lens flare!

So pretty! We walked around a bit further then headed out towards the harbour. Paul seemed to know where we were going so I happily followed him. His destination?

The Ship and Castle - an English bar in the heart of Monaco. We're in France/Monaco and having lunch in a flippin' English pub. Unbelievable!

We could have had a Sunday dinner of Roast Beef and Yorkshire pudding, but I draw the line at that! Plus it wouldn't have been as good as Paul's, of course!

We had a nice lunch and chill out then headed back round the port.

I found this fountain. I liked it!

Pretty views!

More pretty views!

Pretty view of the harbour. Lovely!

As we walked back round into civilisation, we found the Classic Car Museum. We had seen signs for it before but never found it and voila! C'est ici!

We didn't go in as we'll save that for another time, but in the doorway we found this:

This is Lewis Hamilton's 2008 championship winning car!I think. I know didly squat about F1. But it's quite cool, right?!

We wandered around a bit, back towards Monte Carlo, and checked out the yachts moored up there. Some pretty giant ones, to be honest. Some were a little too ostentatious for my liking, but some of the smaller ones would have been nice! We looked for somewhere we could go and chill for an hour or so with our books and let the world go by. We ended up in Papaya, a little outside cafe/bar/restaurant with a fabulous view! We ordered some ridiculously expensive beers and got immersed in our books! The only distractions being a chap who was singing English songs in a French accent, which amused and the Scouse stag-do that was a few tables over! We can't escape bloody Liverpudlians!

After enjoying our relax, we headed back to the station and got on a train back to Villefranche. We managed to get an upstairs seat this time which was nice! Pretty Mediterranean views!

Paul's Mum had asked us to book a restaurant for dinner that evening giving us assurance that we would be able to eat and get back to the apartment in time for the World Cup Final!

No problem, says us, so we decided to scope out some of the restaurants on the front. There was a new one that had opened up since last year so we thought we'd have a drink there! It was nice and not the worst priced place we'd ever been to! Plus there was a cracking view!

Google made the panorama for me! Hence why there's a section a bit darker than the rest! I just took loads of pictures and they gave me this! Thanks!

Notice the little tourist train? Never been on it! Maybe next time!

Choo choo!

We booked in at a restaurant we went to last year called Achills, then waited for Paul's Dad to come and pick us up as I wasn't sure my leg/ankle could cope with the uphill walk as well as all the trekking we had done today!

Menu looks nice, no?

We headed back to the apartment and got all cleaned up to head out that evening. I had forgotten quite how crappy the shower was but never mind!

We had a nice dinner in the sunshine and tried some lovely food. Paul had mixed seafood risotto...

...and I had filet mignon de Porc with grainy mustard sauce.

It was very nice, just a little on the cold-side, which really was a shame.

We got back to the apartment and watched the World Cup Final, also known as GerArg. Which is a Whedon joke and pretty much the only thing that I enjoyed about the game! I chilled and drank some gin and read my book then went to bed!



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