Monday, 21 July 2014

14th July 2014 - Bastille Day! (Holiday Day 3!)

We awoke after a fairly decent night's sleep to a quite cloudy morning. We were concerned that there would be rain today as the forecasts were all predicting it, so we did what any sensible person would and stayed at the apartment for the day. It was still warm so we were able to bathe in it a little as the clouds started to clear! It got quite hot at some points too, making it a bit difficult to sit out in!

Paul had decided to go back to bed for a while. Our bed this year, now that we are married, is two single beds joined together with a special foam bit in the middle to bridge the gap! All in all, it made a pretty epic sized bed.

It's even too big for Paul which is saying something!

I got some good reading done today, completing two books in their entirety! I call that a successful day of relaxing!

We decided to venture to the restaurant at the bottom of the hill for our dinner tonight, wanted to be back at the apartment in time for the firework display for Bastille Day! As it's not a formal place to go and eat, it meant we could relax even longer, with a glass of wine as the sun started to set!


Paul and I decided to go on a mini-hike up to the top of the hill on which we're staying, Mont Boron, to the Fort up there to watch the fireworks over both Nice and Villefranche. It's a grand view and had heard good things about going up there.

We weren't disappointed! The only disappointment being the photos I took!

First off - Nice! We stood on a bank of grass with about 20 other people in silence, watching the fantastic show!

Google plus has made me a gif or two! Thanks google for enhancing my wobbly hands!

I also took a bit of video. Don't expect any Acadamy Award cinematography from me this year!

They were fantastic! Far more impressive than the video above!

After they were done there was a little break where people left. We decided to have a wander around to the other side of the Fort to have a look over Villefranche at night time. It did not disappoint!

We took up residence on one of the walls and sat and watched as the fireworks began. They weren't as big as Nice but I think I enjoyed them more as they were over our little village! :)

I also noticed the lighthouse over St-Jean Cap-Ferrat was on, of course! So I took about 7 thousand pictures of it, trying to get the light over the water.

Naturally, Google plus made a gif of that as well!


We headed back down to the apartment. Paul's Mum had seen the fireworks over Villefranche and enjoyed them. We had a cheeky gin and then headed to bed as it was pretty late by now!



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