Tuesday, 22 July 2014

15th July 2014 - Time to be a beach bum! (Holiday Day 4!)

This morning, once we got up it was decided pretty quickly that today was going to be a beach day. Our first of hopefully many!

We had a look around and found our beach mats and brolly that we'd left there last year. They were a little bit worse for wear but not totally unusable so they were packed! Paul's Dad offered to give us a lift down, which was very kind of him so we were down there at a pretty reasonable time to get a decent spot!

We relaxed, read and sunbathed for a while but we were both totally roasting it was a little gross. We went into the sea to cool down...yeah, the sea was pretty chilly, so that didn't take long!

We then went back to dry off. More reading and bathing to be done. Then a large group of french mid-teens turned up right next to where we were sitting, which was very annoying as they were very loud and messing with my calm!

We lasted for as long as we could but quite frankly they were loud and we were grumpy so we went for lunch to our 'favourite (ha!) little cafe, the Point Kom cafe! I laugh because the food is nice but the staff are REALLY bad. The service is awful and it's not the cheapest place either! But still, we had to have a galette as tradition states!

I had a 'complet'

Yep, that's a raw egg in the middle. It cooked in time, no problems.

Paul had an 'Italienne'

They were both very nice!

We chilled there in the shade for a while, watching the world go by and reading our books. It's a pretty world to watch go by!

Can't go wrong looking at that view!

We headed back to the beach and had another couple of hours of chill out, with a quick dip thrown in to cool down again! By then I was feeling pretty darn warm and was a little pink, so we started to make our way round to where Paul's Dad would later pick us up...and stopped at a bar for a quick pick me up!

More pretty views!

Once we got back to the apartment we decided to go to Nice for dinner! So we all got ready and then headed out. After a quick wander, we found somewhere to eat called Bistrot de l'Opera where we ordered our meals and they came a little bit messy! Paul and his dad had a salad for a starter which arrived at the same time as Paul's Mum's and my main course. My main course, a tagine type thing with couscous was massive! I couldn't eat it all! Not a chance! Then we waited for about an hour for the other two mains to arrive. They were a mixed grill of fresh fish and apparently was very good. In the mean time we had to order another bottle of wine and some more beer as we'd polished off the rest.

They didn't charge us for them. We took that as an apology for the longest wait for the main course we have ever had. Terrible.

It was pretty late so we headed back to the apartment for a night cap. I noticed that the moon was big and red and projecting a long reflection across the sea. Sadly my camera didn't do it justice, but trust me, it was pretty!

Then, another lavish application of after sun and bed!



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