Wednesday, 23 July 2014

16th July 2014 - Antibes! (Holiday Day 5!)

It was a bit of a cloudy day today. Which is fine. We got up and had breakfast on the balcony, as is the rules of holiday! Paul's Mum then informed us that the blind fitters were coming to install a new shade this morning. Ok, not a problem. We decided that we wouldn't do another beach day today like we'd originally planned as I was still a little tender from yesterday plus it wasn't the sunniest day that the week had in store.

Instead, we waited for the blind fitters to do their thing then decided to head out on a road trip to Antibes!

We hadn't been there before, so it made a nice change. Except the traffic. That wasn't fun. Shouldn't have taken us anywhere near the time it did for us to get there but at least we made it!

We looked around for somewhere to go for a quick drink and stumbled across a bar called The Blue Lady. Another English pub. I think we attract them. It was right next door to an English supermarket as well! Unbelievable!

We then decided to have a wander, just Paul and I. We had a little look at a few restaurants, thinking we should have a little snack or something and settled on one nearby, but sadly I can't remember the name of it. I ordered a small carafe of rose and Paul ordered a serious beer. Honestly, that's what it was called!

I think he's supposed to look serious here. I think he looks mostly sad. :(

We ordered a pasta dish in a creamy tomato and vodka sauce to share so we had a little something to stop us getting hangry. Sure enough, as we finished, Paul's parents' appeared and sat with us. They had something to eat as well, but had one dish each.

They offered to pay, so we headed off for another look around, which was nice! It's a very pretty place indeed and not as pretentious as other southern-France locations we have visited, mentioning no names *cough*Cannes*cough.

My casual relaxed viewing out to sea doesn't look quite as casual or relaxed as I thought it did. Must work the poses better!

We headed back to the car and headed home. Instead of going out, we decided to eat in tonight...with a takeaway! So Paul and I went to get a few things from the shops and lugged it back up the hill for dinner. Couple of pizzas, salad, chips...can't go wrong!

We sat out and watched the world go by for one more day, as the downhill spiral to the end of the holiday starts. :(



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