Thursday, 24 July 2014

17th July 2014 - Hello Mr Blue Sky! (Holiday Day 6!)

4 years ago today (ish), a little black kitten with a tiny little voice came into the world. 4 years later he's not so small but still has a tiny little beep! Happy 4th Birthday, Barney Eric Kirkham!

It's another hot hot hot day here in Villefranche so I think it calls for another day on the beach! YEAH!

We creamed ourselves up good and proper with all the best intentions of being more vigilant at it, then wandered down the very steep hills to our little spot on the beach. We decided to not go quite as far down the beach this time, onto less rocky shores. It was nice. Different, but nice!

We stayed there a good long while and it was very good. We had a dip in the water which was still chilly but as we were both ridiculously warm, it was refreshing!

We dried off and then headed to one of the little pop-up cafes next to the beach for a sandwich. They were ok. Nothing special but then at the same time they weren't overly expensive and were delivered very quickly! The staff at this place are completely the opposite of where we were the other day!

We had a bit of a chill after lunch then headed back to find our towels were still in place so we lay out some more. It was REALLY warm! Just what we wanted! I was casually reading my book, lying on my stomach when all of a sudden I had the wind knocked out of me. I had been hit by a ball that some lads were playing with. They didn't even apologise to me. They put their hand up in recognition to Paul but not to the person that they hit. I was going to go kick off at them in my best scally Liverpool voice but thought better of it and went for a paddle instead. Where I got stalked by fish in the shallow waters! I wish I had my camera to take a picture of how close they were getting! I was scared of treading on them, they were that close to me!

After our swim and dry off we headed back along the harbour road, stopping to have another quick drink at the same bar we went to a couple of days previously. This time we managed to get a seat right on the water front so we got an even better view!

My future home again!

Or that one! I could live there!

We booked a table at a restaurant just down the road from the bar and then headed back home to the apartment for a pretty quick change over before heading back for our table! All 4 of us ready in an hour! It's a miracle!

The restaurant wasn't amazing. It was ok, but not amazing. Paul had some finger food which was pretty disappointing, Paul's Mum had salmon linguine which she didn't like very much so Paul ate some of that too. Paul's Dad and I had a steak-thing, with shallot sauce and creamed potatoes. I really liked it. Paul's Dad didn't.

So we all had pudding! I couldn't come to France and not have my favourite pudding at least once, right?

Mmmm, Creme Brulee! I mean, look at it! AMAZING!

Burnt sugar...Mmmmm!

We asked for the bill and were waiting a flaming long time so Paul's Dad went in to pay. It's only when we got back to the apartment that we realised that they'd added a whole extra main course to the bill and Paul's Dad hadn't noticed. What's worse is that it was more expensive than any of the meals we had actually ordered. Not impressed, restaurant. We won't be coming back.

We had a couple of drinks and watched the night for a while then headed to bed so we could get a good night's sleep before the last full day of holiday tomorrow. WAAA!



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