Friday, 25 July 2014

18th July 2014 - Wayne's World! (Holiday Day 7!)

It's the last full day of our holiday today. Boo. I hate this day.

Determined for it not to just be a day of packing and misery we decided to head into Nice to do a little shopping and our last dregs of relaxation! So we beached there instead!

We've never been to the beach there before, so this is all new for us! It's a very rocky beach but we found a section which was mostly sand so set up camp there fore a few hours!

Check out the colour of that water! That's Cote d'Azur blue and I love it!

It was very breezy on this beach so we could have easily sat there for hours slowly frazzling in the hot hot sunshine! We didn't though. We only did it for a couple of hours, had some water then headed into Nice for some lunch.

Paul knew exactly where he wanted to take me for lunch so we scoured the streets until we found it.

Another. English. Pub.

He's so proud of himself!

It was quite a cool little place, to be fair. Very quirky. We ordered some lunch and waited to see what they'd come up with! Paul had Tuna Nicoise salad:

I had a chicken and bacon club sandwich...

It was totally yummy. Best sandwich I've had for a LONG time!

After lunch we wandered around the town for a little while having a look at the lovely tacky presents that were on offer and purchased a few beauties for our regular crew! We then went for a drink. Because that's what we do!

I love these lamp-posts but am confused as to why the clock is called Brian. Although I suppose if you're naming a clock, Brian is a good name. I had a fish called Brian once. The other fish ate his tail and he died. Sad times.


This is the place opposite where we were drinking. It's a pretty Mediterranean building. I like it!

When we were 'tat' shopping for our gifts, we also bought ourselves a gift. We usually buy it and this year is no exception.

This is the best olive oil we have ever tasted!

We enjoyed our drinky-poos and watched the world go by for a little while. There used to be street performers at this time but sadly not today. :(

You can see why Paul's drink cost more than mine!

We headed back to the apartment and started getting packed up. I hate this part. Always makes me a little sad. Plus it also makes me feel a little annoyed! We've only just unpacked!

I haven't had a 2 week holiday since I was a kid and I'm starting to think that might be a good idea! At least it makes it worth while unpacking your suitcase!

Once we were all packed up we sat on the balcony for a while and drank the posh pink champagne we had bought Paul's Mum for her birthday. It was nice! I filled up my glass and headed for the shower, then we headed down to the trusty restaurant at the bottom of the hill for our final dinner.

I had a meat platter.

There was salad underneath there, promise! It was good! Just a lot of cured meats. They used to do this sort of thing with a baked Camembert, which went down a treat between two of us. Shame they don't do it any more and haven't for many years! Bring it back!

Whilst sitting, feeling stuffed, we noticed on the wall next to me there was a buzzer. Paul kept daring me to press it and I said no.

If you think we left without him pressing it, you really haven't learnt anything about my husband, have you! ;)

We headed back up the hill and had a couple more drinks then I headed inside to finish as much of the packing as I could, only stopping to top up my glass! I'm good like that!

It was a pretty night view!

Once all the packing was satisfactorily done, it was time to head to bed before the epic day of sitting around an airport tomorrow commences. Sigh.



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