Saturday, 26 July 2014

19th July 2014 - Au Revoir! (Holiday Day 8!)

Morning is here and time to get our sh!t together and leave this wonderful vista to go home. To Scallyville. Great.

We had to be out of the apartment at 10am (!!!) hence the rush to pack last night. We got everything done with plenty of time left so were able to sit and chill and enjoy the view for the final few minutes before we filled the car to the brim and headed to the airport.

It was a relatively quick journey to the airport from the apartment with our final views of the lovely blue of the sea. :( Once we got there and had a rearrange of all the luggage, we headed straight for the restaurant, as always to chill and read, have a brew and wait for our check in. We always have to get here really early so Paul's parents can get on their merry way to their next destination.

I tried to blog, but the airport wifi sucked and the battery on my laptop had 92% in it which it estimated would last about 19 minutes. I think I need a new battery.

As soon as the cafe next door opened we headed in there for brunch. Paul got us an assortment of dishes, including this meat tagine-y stew thing, with couscous which was not bad at all.

He also got an inoffensive salad just in case the other was crap!

We ate it all and rehydrated. We also saw a chap with his cat on a lead. So cute! A little brown tabby, curious of the world but restrained by the lead. :( I wanted to make friends with it but it couldn't get close enough to me. I probably would have tried to steal it, so it's best that it couldn't. I suppose.

Once we were confident that that check in was open, we headed to the counter to check our luggage.

The way out of the restaurant to the escalators. Paul said it feels like he's on the Starship Enterprise. It's quite cool though.

Speedy Boarding at Nice Airport does not make it speedy. Regular boarding would have been quicker. Some dude in front of us decided he wanted to check some luggage that he hadn't previously paid for so had to sort all that. It took ages. We were cranky.

Once we had FINALLY checked our luggage, we headed through towards the gate. It's all a bit chaotic at Nice Airport. Plus there is very little to do. The 'Duty Free' section is RUBBISH and not very friendly. We end up just going straight to the gate and having a beer while we wait for it to open.

Which we did. Paul queued for ages so got us two beers each! Probably wise. Except the plane was delayed. Instead of 14:10 when it was supposed to open, it wasn't going to open until 15:55. GREAT.

So we had another beer and a cheese and ham panini.

We were slightly tipsy by the time they opened the gate. Meh, it's their own fault. Still, we were able to board the plane and find our seats without any problems. We were on a wing again which is worrying in our little merry state that we're in charge of looking after the exit in an emergency.

Paul's look of panic that I will be making sure we're all safe!

The plane took off and Paul slept for a while. I read, which was nice, but couldn't sleep.

The drinks trolley came round and Paul woke up, getting himself a couple of beers and me something special...

Prosecco at 30,000 feet...don't mind if I do! :)

Tipsy Caroline is happy about this! :)

We got back to Liverpool in one piece but sadly due to the delay we weren't able to pick up the cats from the cattery. This sucks. I should sue QuesyJet for the cost of that extra night in the cattery.

We got in and Paul popped to the shops to get some breakfast stuff and I unpacked a little to start the washing. We then ordered chinese takeaway and watched some tv. The chinese took so long to arrive that Paul took himself off to bed before it arrived. Although it came fairly soon after he went to bed so he got back up and we devoured our starter, leaving our meals for tomorrow as it was getting late.

Paul went to bed, I watched more tv, then gave up myself and came to bed too. Got to be up early tomorrow to pick up the kitties!



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