Tuesday, 29 July 2014

22nd July 2014 - More of the same!

Short post today. Soz!

We didn't gym again. Bad Cagga. Mostly down to the fact that we had another terrible night's sleep! The alarm was set for the gym but Paul slept through it so I switched it off so he could get a little more sleep. I figured he needed it.

Work was nothing particularly interesting. Another busy day of getting stuff done! That's about it!

After work I headed into the house and got straight to work. Yep, all work and no play. My usual mid-week treat of a giant pile of ironing awaited me!

Whereas we usually only have one week's worth, we have the week before we went away's washing plus the holiday washing. This isn't all getting done tonight. No, sir!

I got all the important stuff done but nowhere near all of it. I'll have another go on Thursday I guess. Stupid ironing.

We then went to bed early to try to have a better sleep...



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