Tuesday, 1 July 2014

24th June 2014 - Bloomin' cats.

It's another warm morning. I slept well but Paul didn't do so good. Weird dreams though. Still no gym either. We are bad bad people.

Paul was out fairly early and I chilled for a while with the cats. Literally. We had the fan on. Barney's favourite. I'll show you!

As soon as he felt the breeze, he lay down and started kneeding the air. Too cute!


To work went I and it was a dull and busy day as it always is. I have new entertainment at my desk (when I have my laptop, that is!)! The lovely Connie from Tails from the Foster Kittens now has a drop cam page where you can watch her fosters frolic and play (or sleep...mostly) which is great to have in the background when work is stressful!

The problem is being in a different Country with a bit of a difference in time zone. I get this a lot...

Booo. My screen really needs cleaning, huh?

Still, it comes on eventually and I must look like a loon to T who just sees me grinning at the screen!

Note - I'm writing this on the Friday and have only just discovered I have had the page muted. You can actually hear them run around like mentalists as well! It didn't half make me jump the first time I heard something crash!

Anyway, I survived work and went home. England kicked off at 5pm so had to watch our last game in the World Cup. It was meh. Paul appeared home and watched the rest with me. I should have watched the Uruguay v Italy game. At least Suarez biting that Italian chap would have been more interesting. What a joke. That boy needs some help me thinks.

I did some clearing up but headed to bed pretty early. Paul was in a grump and T had been in a grump all day so I went to chill upstairs. When Paul came up we made the decision to trim the cats claws. Barney went first and was too feisty to get them all.

I then got Maia and pinned her between my legs. She's all mouth and no trousers so will growl and hiss but not fight too much...until Barney decided to jump on her mid-trim causing carnage.

They were both fine. Me...not so much...

Ouch. Big ouch. See why the claws needed trimming?!

Barney hid from Paul who went to tell him off. Maia was terrified.

I cleaned myself up (there was far more blood than there looks here), disinfected it all then went to make sure the cats were ok. Barney continued to hide. Maia let me pick her up, all big tailed and she snuggled into my neck. Poor lamb. She was fine, just shocked I think.

Barney stayed away for the rest of the evening. I went to sleep in a grump as well. A painful grump.




  1. lol.. I'm sorry. today was wicked spotty too. Tomorrow should be better though *wink*

    1. I wish I had seen this comment earlier! I got a lovely surprise at 4am (your time) when I logged on! :) :) :)