Wednesday, 2 July 2014

25th June 2014 - Cleaning out my Closet

Wednesday morning. Full of ouchies. Paul was sorry he was grumpy. I forgave him. Paul ignored Barney which meant Barney wanted to be my friend. That's rare, so I suppose I should make the most of it!

I got to work and T promised me that she wouldn't be as grumpy today. She almost had it! There were a few grumpy moments, it has to be said.

I decided early on in the day that I would be productive this evening (therefore hiding away from Paul in case he was grumpy again) so decided to sort out the wardrobe in the spare room. We bought a cheap wardrobe and was rewarded in our thriftiness by the damn thing breaking if you put more than 4 items of clothing on the rail. Stupid thing. I'm female. I have loads of clothes! Half the stuff in there, however, the liklihood of me wearing again was minimal, so I needed to be ruthless and not keep things for sentiment sake.

I mostly succeeded. There were a couple of items I couldn't ditch, like a dress I got when I went to Canada as a teenager and had a cut on my arm so Mum bought me a cute frock to wear to a posh dinner up at the revolving restaurant at the top of the CN Tower. It still fits as a top! Not that I have worn it. It's the sentiment!

I got loads gone though. I was sad about some but am I likely to wear it again? No, I'd buy something new instead for whatever occasion. So the local charity shops will benefit from my hard work!

A nearly full bin bag! Go me!

The blurry contents of the wardrobe. How long that pole stays up is anyone's guess!

The yellow bit in the bottom right hand corner of the pic is the first dress Paul ever bought me. I used to wear blacks & greys and wasn't very adventurous with clothes. That Tommy Hilfiger dress changed my wardrobe drastically. He did get it for me when I was very sick with flu and paler than Casper, but with a tan, it looked good! It still fits after all this time! 6 years I do believe! That's a sentimental keep as well as a practical one! I was skinny 6 years ago so I can't be too bad if it fits now!

I watched TV with Paul for the rest of the evening and went to bed. Nothing exciting. That's no bad thing though, right?!



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