Thursday, 3 July 2014

26th June 2014 - I feel the BURN!

Guess what we did today... :) WE WENT TO THE GYM! I KNOW! Shocking! It was good! I went on the cross trainer and the wave machine and ended up a sweaty red mess! HUZZAH!

We came home and I got to have first shower! Yay to that as well! Paul didn't have to be out of the house til later than usual so I set him some chores to do because I'm a nasty horrible wife!

I also checked out the injury I mentioned on Sunday. The random burn I seem to have gained with no burn holes in my clothing! It's gone very red...I don't approve. :(

There it is. Sexy, huh? That's me trying to take a picture of my own back. Not an easy task! I guess you have no context of where on my back it is either. Maybe I'll leave it that way. I don't fancy doing much more in the way of contortions to get a shot! It still doesn't hurt but I know it's there. I'm wondering if my clothes are aggravating it? Not that I'm not going to wear any but I'm concerned that it's gone so red. Hmmm. Will see if it goes down and if not will get it checked out as it's going to scar my otherwise gorgeous bikini body. Ha. Ha. Ha. I am a comedienne!

I got a lift in to work and had a busy day with T. She's off tomorrow at a funeral so wanted to get as much done as possible. I just seemed to accumulate lots of bits of crap to deal with. Terrific. We also got told after lunch that our job was going to be changing a little and we were going to be given tasks that neither of us like to do. Great. Just what we want. Hmmmmph.

We finished work and I headed home. I had all the best intentions of being productive but instead started watching USA vs Germany and that took most of my attention. Bad Caroline.

Paul came home and we had dinner of piri piri chicken and salad. So basically fake n@nd0s without the naughty stuff. It wasn't as fun. Far healthier. Except the chocolate buttons we snarfed for pudding!

We watched more football, some Big Bang Theory (one I've seen before) and then headed to bed. Please let me sleep well, Powers That Be...



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