Friday, 4 July 2014

27th June 2014 - Lonely!

Paul had to leave for work early this morning. This made me sad. But instead of moping around the house on my own, I was productive and got some jobs done before heading into the office.

I was on my own in the office as well. Pretty much all day. T was at a funeral and A was in a meeting elsewhere. The phones were quiet, except for maybe half an hour where the phones went mental and I couldn't answer all the calls! It was proper switch board stuff! "Hello [insert company name], can I put you on hold please?" I got through that but was bored and alone. So decided Spotify was going to be my new best friend!

This is one of my new favourite play lists! All 90s britpop. Perfect. I may or may not have been singing and dancing round the office as I did my filing. You can't prove it happened!

I was also entertained by the wonderful drop cam as provided by Connie's Kitty Blog! Those kittens were hyper little so and sos this morning! It was adorable! Until mid late afternoon when one of them decided she wanted to lie behind the camera...promptly knocking it off!

Upside down swinging webcam is oddly theraputic! Sorry, Connie! I did get the odd glimpse of a kitten in the corner every now and again! Which was nice! Midday on the camera is 5pm here in England so at least I got the treat of active kittens during my working day! Anyone on a similar time zone to Connie won't have been so lucky!

Paul was late home as he had an event to attend. Called Prosecco Friday. Doesn't that sound somewhat familiar to you? It does to me! Anyone know how to trademark/copyright something like that?! T and I should be raking in the money from it! So I was at home alone as well. Obviously I had the fur-babies for company but for some reason this evening they weren't being entertaining.

So I decided that if I can't beat it, join em!

See, I finished my water like a good girl before starting on the fizz! Go me!

Paul was later and later coming home so I had to cook! Cook things for myself! Luckily, it was only simple, grilling some pork steaks, so that was easy. I can also prepare salad too! Go me, I'm growing!

While waiting for Paul I decided to watch "Much Ado about Nothing" as it has been a while since I've seen it! I enjoyed it very much!

Paul came in and kept me company but went off to bed fairly early. I wasn't far behind him. Long day ahead tomorrow!



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