Saturday, 5 July 2014

28th June 2014 - SURPRISE!

An early start for a Saturday. No earlier than in the week I guess but it's bloomin' wrong for a Saturday!

We got up, dressed and headed out to the train station. We're going on a trip to LAHNDAHN!

Our train was a little delayed getting to Liverpool, but that was ok as we had a bit of time to spare. When we got to Lime Street, we headed over to the platform to see a sight which was not welcome.


Great. Just great.

They advised us to get on another train, which was slightly later, but we had paid for First Class and there was no guarantee that we would get it. We managed to squeeze into the First Class carriage and luckily no one asked to authenticate our ticket as it might not have been valid!

A short change in Crewe and time to grab a quick coffee, then on the next train! The proper train company but obviously we didn't have reservations this time. We managed to get a seat (just about) and then let the First Class party begin!


This was the First Class party.

It was a box. That's it! Inside it was a croissant, some jam, some cranberry raisins, a yogurt, some water and some juice. That's about it. RUBBISH! We got a free brew as well. WHERE'S MY BACON SANDWICH?! Hmph.

We joked about it a while but in the end were that uninspired it stopped being funny. Thank goodness our first class upgrade didn't cost an arm and a leg. I really would have been miffed!

We got to London and got a tube to Oxford Street. At least, that's where I think we went. We had to change though, so I took a tourist picture for all you fans!

Exit here for Madame Tussauds!

We did some shopping and hid from the rain for a while. We had time to kill! We also forgot that it's Pride this weekend so the streets were fenced off ready for the parade. I believe that they didn't let the torrential rain stop them from partying hard!

We ducked into a nearby pub, which was also very camp and had a quick beer to try to work out our next plan of action.

It was allegedly rather warm in London today! Why is my phone being an idiot?!

Blurry Paul and his blurry beer! Just to prove he was there!

We didn't go into the map, though it was tempting!

We had to get to Kings Cross (not to attempt to get to Platform 9 3/4...I wanted to but Paul told me I wasn't allowed. Meany.) as that was our main destination for the day. We got there and we milled around for a while to kill some more time! We then headed to the pub, which was our destination all along. The area where we were headed was actually a little terrace inside the train station, which was nice. At least there was a view, right?

We weren't the first people at our destination, so we helped set up for what was going to be a nice epic surprise!

We are well aware that it already looks to be the after party, rather than the party beginning. Consider it a theme!

Congratulations banner! Champagne flutes!

Paul unimpressed with his London beer. It was supposed to be amazing. It wasn't.

Stained glass Tetris over the platforms.

I guess I should indicate what we're celebrating...

Yep - we've come all the way down to London to celebrate an engagement! Katie and Matt's to be specific! If you recall, Katie was our best woman and she got engaged to the lovely Matt a few weeks ago! Matt organised this party for her as a complete surprise! How could we not come down for it?!

The lovely Katie with Paul. I didn't get a picture of Matt. I fail.

We had a lovely time and might have had rather a lot of fizz. We couldn't stay late, sadly as we had to get a train back to Liverpool and make sure we had our first class seats. Yay.

We did have to run for the platform, even though I was sure we had more time than we did. Joys of fizz I suppose. I was so classy I slept pretty much the whole way home. I waved as we passed where my bro and sis-in-law live (but they weren't Mum was though!) and slept some more! Bad wife. Paul listened to music, drank beer and read his book. I hope he didn't mind.

We got home and managed to get a taxi back ok. Into house, feed cats (I think) then bed. Where I passed out. Bad wife.

So big congratulations (again) to Katie and Matt, who have provisionally set a date in May 2016! Excellent!



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