Sunday, 6 July 2014

29th June 2014 - Full of the joys of spring!

Waking up at silly o'clock after a long day full of fun and fizz is always pleasant.

My stomach didn't feel too amazing. Probably down to the lack of food yesterday saw. Yeah, thanks First Class. Urgh. Paul felt miles worse than I, however. I consider my hangover to be mild, to say the least, as there was no headache! That's a win if ever I could think of one!

As soon as he felt he could, Paul headed out to the shops so he could make some stodge for breakfast.

Toasted ham, egg and cheese sandwich (with salad to make it healthy) absolutely hit the spot. I could only eat the half that has gone though. I still wasn't feeling amazing. :(

We also noticed that Paul's bruise had changed a little bit. Last  week his calf was purple (from Chris and Ceri's wedding) and now it's more his ankle.

He says it doesn't hurt much but it sure isn't pretty!

We lounged around a LOT today. Watched some football and also The Avengers. Why not?!

Paul had the rather epic idea to have steak for dinner so we did! We had steak with peppercorn sauce, vegetables and mustard. Delish. It sorted me out good and proper. We also had some red wine to see if that helped! It did me, not sure it did for Paul.

We didn't have a late night as we were both sleepy tired. Should have had a nap but didn't.

Not really much to day about today except 'urnghhhhhhhhhhhh'.



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