Wednesday, 9 July 2014

2nd July 2014 - Hider in the House

Morning came. Which is nice. It's been a long week already. Worrying as it's only Wednesday.

Both T and I were in a grump today. At least both of us were aware of it which made us both at least a tiny bit happier!

Had horrible tasks to do today such as talking to a girl who had been beaten by her boyfriend in front of their young daughter. As if my week couldn't get worse. Hmph.

I did get a delivery though. I was happy about that.

I have one of these little speakers in the office and despite how cheap it is (£10!) it is pretty powerful! We've got it for holiday if we want to put some of our own music on, rather than listening to Paul's Dad and his jazz saxophone music all the time!

I came home and watched some tv. Nothing at all interesting happened this evening! Sorry! I think both Paul and I are exhausted to be honest! I did some holiday list making and washed my beach towels. So that's productive, right.

We also had a game of hide and seek with Barney.

He's nearly got this camoflage thing down! He needs to think tiny and he'll soon be invisible!



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