Friday, 11 July 2014

4th July 2014 - Done.

Yet another early start for Mr K this morning. I do not approve. I am a bit fan of lie in, not get out of bed early!

I also got to work a little early as well as I have a ton to do today. A was out of the office all day, leaving T and I to man the fort and I think we did spectacularly well! I am biased though, of course. Except a couple of people who talk to you like dirt because you're the person who answers the phone therefore can't be helpful or intelligent in any way. Really makes me angry to be honest. I offer to help with their query and often get "can you transfer me to anyone else who may be able to help?" No. No I can't, because I'm clearly a dumbass as all I'm qualified to do is answer the phone. Grr.

Moving on.

I got my work done! YAY!

Only a small bit of filing there for me to deal with! Go team me!

I was overly rushed at the end of the day, trying to get everything sorted before the weekend. I hate leaving work on my desk. So I got it done with mere seconds to spare before we had to leave! T thought I was nuts rushing like I did but it made the most sense to me!

I had a well deserved beer when I got home, while waiting for Paul to get in, then we chilled in front of the tv. We were going to watching Independence Day, as, well, duh! Sadly it wasn't on Netflix so we watched Captain America instead. That's how we decided to celebrate America's holiday! We watched a bit of football as well but mostly movie.

We were both shattered so went to bed pretty early for a Friday night. Busy day tomorrow.



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