Saturday, 12 July 2014

5th July 2014 - Wrist Slap.

We were awake at silly o'clock. I woke up around 3 and dozed for a while. Paul was awake at 4. Wide awake. I kept on dozing (and cuddling Barney who was curled up on my pillow with me!) but Paul got up to watch the Portland Timbers game! Joys of time difference means he often isn't able to watch them but today he was! :) May as well make the most of being awake so early I guess.

He watched most of the game while I dozed for a while but we never really got back to sleep again. Which was a pain as we had to be up and out early today.

We had an appointment at the vet to give the cats their boosters which they need to have to be able to go into the cattery when we go on our jollies.

Yeah. They were both so well behaved, even when the vet told them they were fat. Yikes. Maia was 4.5kg (9.9lbs) and Barney...he was...8.1kg (17.8lbs). Yeah. That's really quite heavy. The vet said that we need to put him on a diet to get him down a few kilos. Ideally to 5kg! He's fine and healthy but a little overweight so we need to measure his food and play with him lots to get his bulk down as he's in danger of developing diabetes as he gets older.

We felt bad. Very bad. So we're going back in a month to see if the changes we make help and get some weight off him before he gets put on a specialist diet. Obviously Maia could stand to lose a little bit of weight as well so the diet affects her.

We came home, with our tails between our legs, via the pet store where we got some lighter cat food to see if that helps. We came in and weighed out both Maia and Barney's share of biscuits into a tub. Yeah. We've been overfeeding our cats. If this is what they're supposed to be having, we are bad parents indeed.

So, no more grazing for the kitties. They get fed 3 times a day and if they eat it all, then that's their problem. It's going to be easier on days when we're out, that's for sure! Maia doesn't half beg when she's hungry.

The vets were very nice and didn't shout at us at all. I think because they're indoor cats we just need to be more careful. So we will be. We've been suitably informed and we're now on the road to making things better.

On another note, they weighed Barney again on the nurse's scales and he was 7.9 kg. I like those scales better. I don't think Barney is a 5kg cat. He's so big! We're feeding him for a 6kg cat and will see what happens. So long as we can make a difference, I'll be happy.

Once we had fed the kitties their meagre portions (sob) we headed out again into town to do some shopping for when we go on holiday! It's usually a big day thing that we do but today it was more of a sombre affair as I've felt awful, like we've let our kitties down or something. :(

We both went to our usual cafe and had breakfast so Paul doesn't get hangry, then we headed to the shops to get what we needed. Spending a fortune in the process.

I was feeling really disheartened and miserable. I wasn't enjoying shopping one bit. So we went for a drink to regroup and decide what else we need to buy.

Meet Lady Madonna. Citron vodka, strawberry syrup and prosecco. DELICIOUS.

While I enjoyed my fizz, Paul unwrapped his most exciting purchase, possibly ever. While I was shopping for clothes, he was shopping for an iPad!

 Not at all staged. He was THAT happy to finally be an iPad owner!

It's pretty nifty. Although I have no idea how to use it! :)

We got the rest of our shopping done and headed home to give the cats portion 2 of their tiny dinner. :)

We also insigated play time. OH YEAH! Paul played with the iPad and I played with the cats. Seems fair...

 The first picture taken from the iPad!

Barney and bathroom floor!

We tryed to get his 'rave face' in while frantically waving the teaser. Didn't work.

How beautiful my baby is?! To say the camera isn't the best quality on the iPad, it takes quite good pics.

Handsome fatty, isn't he?!

Maia joined in on play time as well! Delightfully curious!

After play time we had dinner of spicy lamb meatballs which was delicious!

There's leftovers for me in the week as well! WINNER!

We then watched Zoolander which was on telly. Paul went to bed early but I watched it to the end. It's all good fun! I then was ready to pass out as well from tiredness so I headed to bed as well!

Long, expensive, painful and emotional day!



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