Sunday, 13 July 2014

6th July 2014 - Bad to the bone!

We promised ourselves a little lie in this morning as we've had a mental few weekends and we thought we deserved one. The downside being we were both awake early. That wasn't in the plan! Bad body clock!

Still, we relaxed and had a think about everything that we needed to get done today. We drank tea and relaxed. Of course, we played with the kitties, just as the vet ordered!

I'm pretty sure I tired them both out quite easily. They're both so unfit. Bad parents.

A tiny bit later, Paul got a phone call from his Mum saying that they were leaving to come and visit us at 10am. It was about ten to. Which gives us an hour to clean and tidy to make the house presentable! ZOIKS!

Somehow we did it! Of course, most of the stuff I removed from downstairs (all of yesterday's shopping, mostly) was out on the bed thus making the bedroom a bit of a mess, but at least the on-show part of the house was nice and tidy!

Paul's parents' stayed for an hour or so, which incorporated Paul going for a little spin in his Dad's new car and me showing his Mum pictures of the adorable Ted! They hadn't been to the house since November, which is crazy but then I realised that my parents haven't been since before Christmas. Bad Children.

After they left Paul went shopping and then we watched the Silverstone Grand Prix, which was fun. We also had the Wimbledon men's final on the iPad.

Paul was getting annoyed at me taking his picture. Well, what else am I going to take a picture of? Barney?

OK, so I took a picture of Barney as well, who was tired again after even more play! I suppose this is a good thing. He needs to be tired from play as it shows he's exercising, right? I'm not good at this fat cat exercise malarky! Think we need some more toys for him!

We decided to have a nice traditional Roast Chicken dinner this evening. Why not?! Get some veg inside us!

Paul was very proud of the set up!



Dinner is served!

It was amazingly delicious. There was a bit of begging from Maia but not as much as I thought there would be with a succulent chicken on the plate! Barney was still too tired to beg.

We watched The Hobbit, parts 1 and 2 for the rest of the evening as there was nothing on television. We didn't get to the end of the second movie as both of us were pretty tired. Turns out playing with cats is just as tiring for the human!

I don't have an orange cube to retreat to. This was the evidence that he had well and truly had enough of this play shenanigans!



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