Monday, 14 July 2014

7th July 2014 - More of the usual!

Another regular Monday morning of us being rebels and not going to the gym. We are awful. We will rectify it soon. Promise.

Psyched myself up for another week in work. I got to the office to find all the shutters down. Huh. I knew T wasn't feeling great so might be a little late but A or BossMan T is usually in. Nope. I opened up and started questioning if it was actually Monday. Then I remembered that A and BossMan T were having a meeting in town this morning. OK, phew.

T wasn't too late in but really wasn't feeling well. She'd had KFC the night before and was blaming that. Sounds reasonable!

We didn't have too bad a day at work. It went fairly quickly to be honest! I was doing some housekeeping and making sure that everything was as up to date as it could be. This results in an efficient machine! It also meant the hours flew by!

After work I prepared all my stuff for the usual Monday night iron when Paul picked me up and we went out to get a few bits and bobs and FINALLY take all our stuff to the charity bins!

The Tickled Pink bin closest to us got the pleasure of my old clothes!

When we got home, we had dinner of omelette and watched the latest True Blood. Paul then washed up and I ironed. We also played with the cats because thems the rules! Barney was on form and Maia joined in a little! It was nice!

Then to bed to read for a while. Paul had some packing to do as he's away for a couple of days. I sat and read. The ever helpful wife!



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