Tuesday, 15 July 2014

8th July 2014 - Filthy Little Thieves!

A normal-ish get up for us both this morning. We could have gone to the gym, probably...but didn't. Paul's away from tonight for a few nights so we were spending our last few hours together. Aw.

The trains are currently off at our local station, so Paul called a cab to get into town with all his stuff and I waited with him. And waited. And waited some more. We've not waiting this long for a taxi before! Especially this early in the morning. We used the time to put away the dishes and clean the surfaces! How productive of us!

Paul said goodbye to his precious iPad (and the cats and I!) and headed out on his adventure, leaving me and the kitties on our own in our quiet little house. Waaaaa!

Made it into work. It wasn't an awful day but it wasn't in any way amazing either. Just meh. Got through it with little to no difficulty anyway, which was nice.

After work I headed to Tesco in 'The Swan' to get a few odds and sods for our holiday and I also called my parents to have a chat to them as well. They didn't really say much and I didn't have a lot to talk about so it wasn't worth the air time really but never mind!

I got in about an hour later than I usually would and fed the kitties, plus spoke with Paul so at least I knew he had arrived safely. I had my dinner (lamb meatballs) and washed up. Then set to ironing the clothes we had bought at the weekend, ready to pack them away and them to get all creased again...

Whilst ironing I discovered this:

They left a tag in a pair of Paul's shorts! No wonder some alarms were going off around us! We couldn't find it when we looked for it and no security guard was bothered by it but still - this is annoying! Luckily I found the receipt so we can hopefully take them back and get the tag removed! We'll find some time some where!

It didn't take long to finish the ironing, thank goodness, as it's all I seem to do! I watched the end of The Desolation of Smaug as I did it to keep me company. I then took it all upstairs to put away and noticed utter cuteness!

Yes, I cut the handles as soon as the bag was empty as I knew that they would want to play in there! Maia LOVED it! She was playing with the cut handles and rolling around purring her head off! It was lovely! This is pretty much the only thing those paper Primark bags are good for. Any sign of rain and they fall apart! At least Maia's enjoying herself!

I played with Barney for a while downstairs and he had a good time too. I then took myself off to bed with my book. I couldn't sleep. I don't like it when Paul's away. Plus the neighbour was warbling her little heart out. All very nice, except when you want to sleep! SHHHHHH!



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