Wednesday, 16 July 2014

9th July 2014 - Leaps and Bounds

I didn't sleep great. I never do when Paul isn't home. Plus the fact that the cats decided to have a party at silly o'clock. Seriously.

Ignoring how badly the stairs need hoovering and my hobbit feet, I found this collection of toys hanging around on the landing!

I tried to get some more sleep and may have dozed for a while, then forced myself out of bed, into the shower and over to work.

It was a quiet day so therefore productive. I'm quite proud of myself by how productive I was today!

When the post came, so did a delivery for Paul - a case for his beloved iPad! Except I was a little concerned about it because the packaging left a lot to be desired.

You can see that it's quite clearly not sealed. The envelope seal hasn't in any way made contact with the other side and instead been stuck to the contents within.

This is the screen cover. The envelope was clearly sealed to this part of the contents. We were really lucky that none of it fell out. There was a stylus just roaming around in the bottom of the envelope that could have easily made a bid for freedom but it didn't. Still not impressed though!

Once I got through work, I decided to have a little stroll to the nearby petshop to buy some more toys for the cats. As clearly they don't have enough! I was going for something specific and as the sun was shining there was nothing stopping me!

The best part - I got to walk through a local park to get to the shop! In the sunshine! What better way to spend an evening on your own?!

Liverpool can be pretty - see?!

I did, however, take a bit of a wrong turn so went the long way to the shop, but I can't grumble as it was a nice evening! If it had been peeing it down, that's another matter!

I managed to get the toy I was after (plus extras, because...I'm a sap!) and made it home only about an hour later than I would have been!

I fed the kitties their meagre portions of food then set out the new toy!

Sorry they're a bit blurred! Barney loves it! It's a mouse that hangs from the top of the door and squeeks whenever it hits something! For only a fiver, you can't complain. Yes, I did hide it when I went to bed! He was tiring himself out jumping around after it! Perfect! Just what the doctor ordered!

See a video of Barney in action with it here!

I had some dinner, played with the cats, but was feeling really tired so came to bed fairly early. I should probably have used the time to do something productive but I had no desire for that, so read for a bit then tried to get to sleep!



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