Sunday, 31 August 2014

24th August 2014 - Maia-day!

We had a nice little lie in this morning, which was kinda needed.

I really did intend to be semi-productive today. I'm ashamed to say I failed. I was being held hostage by my house cutie-pie!


I was feeling pretty crappy today. I've had a bit of a cold coming on, as I mentioned on Friday so I was so easily swayed by Maia into doing pretty much naff all for the whole of the day!

She got a bit sick of being on top of the duvet, so after a while she came for a cuddle under the duvet! Bless my babba!

I eventually managed to get up as it was time for lunch. So we finished our chicken burgers that we had the other night!

T'was a good lunch!

We watched the Grand Prix which was interesting and some football. We also had a little treat!


I whoop a lot, don't I?!

Paul was feeling tired so went to have a nap. I didn't see him again the rest of the evening.

I decided to watch the first few episodes of Season 1 of True Blood. The show finishes tonight for EVER (waaaaaaa!) so I wanted to go back to the start to remind myself of the early days.

I also had the rest of the fizz to get through. This, somehow, made me want to do a little plaster work on my living room. Some cracks were appearing and it was annoying me. I quite enjoyed skimming it to be honest. The only downside was that I couldn't really see what I was actually doing. Let's see what it looks like tomorrow!

I rewarded myself with some scrummy yummy dinner!

Slightly browned cheese on toast! MMMMM! It was really good!

After a few episodes I started feeling tired so headed back to bed myself at about 11pm. Not bad going for me!



Saturday, 30 August 2014

23rd August 2014 - Cutie Pies!

No lazy morning lie in for us. Paul had a bad night's sleep so that was extra crappy. We had places to go and people to see!

We sorted out a few things then headed on down the motorway to go and see a couple of old friends and their kids! We hadn't seen them since the wedding so it was good to have a catch up. We're all going on a little break away for a few days next June so we were talking about that as well!

I didn't take any pictures there, as I was saving my camera for the next big deal. Wait for it...

This will be the most overused gif. Thank you again, Tumblr!

Yes, we took a trip to see my bro and sis-in-law and of course, the gorgeous little Ted! SQUEE! It's been nearly 2 months since we've seen him and he's now nearly 6 months old!

Want to see how cute and gorgeous he is? Well ok, then!


He's got so big and smiley and cuddly and he's ace. Yes, I'm bias. I don't care!

Here we are having fun with Daddy!

I could just eat him up! But I won't, as he wouldn't be here being cute!

The other cuties of the house were busy being cuties. Naughty, but cute!

Bella really shouldn't be there...but she looks cute so how can you say no?!



Meanwhile, there was belly.

Boris Belly! I heart Boris belly. Always.

Time for more Ted cuddles? Go on then! He then managed to grab my phone, suck on it a little, change a few settings and take a selfie! YAY! Go Ted!

I think he's a genius. He's smiling and almost got his face in shot and in focus. He's only 5 1/2 months old! I say it's brilliant! (Bias again, perchance?!)

We watched the Grand Prix qualifier and Annabel knocked together a mean Victoria Sponge just like that! We enjoyed a slice, then decided to head to the local pub for a beverage! It's only a short distance, which is good and as the sun was shining, it was a great idea!

Ted was very enthusiastic about having his first pint!

The beer has some sort of hypnotic effect on Ted! This depleted the more of the beer that was consumed.

So Daddy had to get another pint. Uncle Paul had to get one too. For the hypnosis, you understand!

I walked around with Ted for a while, getting sips of my drink whenever I can! We also had some more selfie time!

Not sure Ted was as eager to have his pic taken with his Auntie Whiney as I was with him but I'll get a grin one day!

He was getting a bit grouchy so went back to Mummy for comfort. We then went home for a few giggles (too CUTE!) and bathtime. It was time for us to make another visit. This time to my parents' house for tea! WHOOP!

We had a very nice roast beef dinner, some wine and a chat. All too soon it was time to head back up the motorway and back to our very extremely hungry kitties! We had a cheeky gin and tonic when we got in and then headed to bed!



Friday, 29 August 2014

22nd August 2014 - Ick.

I felt RUBBISH when I woke up this morning. However I was more than happy to get up to go to the gym. Paul said no. I went back to bed. It didn't take much to convince me to do that either!

I was running a bit late for work (not really wanting to go in!) and how I wished I had stayed at home. I got a few bits done first thing, then I got a call that a client was on the line for me to take the claim details of.

I wish I hadn't been at the phone at that moment. I had to speak to a 73 year old man who was clearly very lonely. He was also filthy. He started off talking about the war, which is fine. He then said that he'd like a lady to cuddle and would I like to come and cuddle him?

Thank you Tumblr.
It got creepier. I kept trying to discuss his claim and he kept telling me how he needs a young lady to come and walk on his back in heels to sort his pain out.

Another appropriate Tumblr gif
I managed to get as much information as I could from him. He then asked if I knew his password. Yes. Yes I did. His password is Teddy Bear. When I told him what it was, he asked if I liked cuddling teddy bears. I said "it's my nephew's name, so yes" and he said that I could cuddle him like a big teddy bear for as long as I wanted to. Gee. Thanks.

Tumblr, you never fail me. 

I got off the phone to this chap and T was laughing at me because I was blushing so much. I think I managed quite well with keeping a professional stance during the call but it made me feel icky.

I complained to A that it was uncomfortable and I didn't enjoy speaking with this client. He laughed and said that the girls that made the initial calls to the client all laugh about the Teddybear. Yeah. So they actually could have warned me but they didn't. A kept making jokes about it all day. I don't think he realised that I actually found it disturbing and creepy. To the extent that I don't actually want to speak with clients ever again.

It was a long day in the office. Not fun at all. Things all went downhill after the conversation with the icky guy. I couldn't wait to come home!

We didn't really do much this evening. I sorted some washing and Paul made dinner of turkey burgers. Handmade, of course!

We then watched some more Stargate and came to bed. Naturally, I fell asleep through the last episode we were watching. Whoops.

I came upstairs and Paul had piled all our old cushions and pillows in the corner. Which made a bed fit for a Princess, apparently!

 I bet she'd still be able to feel a pea under all that. But then again, she's a cat and they sleep in all sorts of weird angles and on the most uncomfortable of things so she probably wouldn't care all that much!



Thursday, 28 August 2014

21st August 2014 - Result!

We went to the gym. Again! That's twice this week! I am so proud of us! :)

My legs felt very wobbly afterwards, which wasn't so pleasant. That feeling lasted all day!

Didn't really have long to sit around and feel sorry for myself. T and I had training today with the lovely J from our head office. We also found out we are getting a new colleague. Who is also a T. Hmmm. So I have 3 Ts to distinguish between in my blog. We have BossMan T, T and NewT? I'm sure I can work on that. He's fairly young and is a trainee Solicitor. Things could be interesting.

So - the training. We're being given even more work to do, no time to do it and it's quite a big responsibility what we're being asked to do. It's not good. The training baffled us somewhat. Both of us left with our heads very fuzzy and really confused about why we are being asked to do it. Apparently BossMan A decided that T and I would really enjoy vetting cases. Yeah. No. Not in the slightest.

The rest of the day is a bit of a blur to be honest. It's going to be an interesting few weeks seeing how this pans out. I can't say I'm in any way happy about the turn of events but what's really irritating is that the people who think it's a good idea for us to be doing all this new work are the people that don't have to do it so have no idea what it's like to actually do it. They are all probably on some bonus scheme as well so will push us hard to do even more work than we actually can manage.

Sorry for the rambly rant. I'm just frustrated.

At least when I got home I got this:

A part refund! Score! Sadly it's in my maiden name but I think I still have an account I can put it into! You almost never get money back from big companies so this is a winner!

I finished the ironing tonight then settled in with Paul in front of the tv, eating extra hot pork steaks which lead to me requiring milk afterwards to reduce the burn! We also watched some Stargate but I really wanted an early night as I wasn't feeling particularly great and was shattered after today.

Wonder what tomorrow will bring...



Wednesday, 27 August 2014

20th August 2014 - Naff.

Didn't have the best of sleeps. Again. I think I'm saying words very similar to that every day, aren't I?! Ah well.

Nothing particularly interesting happened this morning at all.

Then work. Which wasn't interesting either to be honest. In fact, it was pretty darn rubbish. I didn't feel as though I could catch up with anything. First off, T's computer broke, which was not good as I had to try to fix it. I couldn't. IT guy was sorting it remotely but it meant that T couldn't use her machine all morning. Not good.

Basically, the day was rubbish. No two ways about it. It was naff.

Paul met me after work and we went to the shops for a few dinner bits. Which is when he mentioned that he had a couple of pints at lunch time.

Then I wanted beer.

Taken from Tumblr
It was justified by the fact that we do normally have a couple of beers on a Wednesday, therefore it's ok!

Beer and blankie. Perfect.

I wasn't really in a great mood tonight so we watched some telly for a bit then went to bed. Not the most exciting of days but hopefully we can get up and gym tomorrow!



Tuesday, 26 August 2014

19th August 2014 - On Your Left!

We slept better. This is good! Both of us wanted us to stay in bed but that little nagging voice in the back of our head basically told us we should get up and go to the gym. So we did!

In the torrential rain!

Aren't you proud of us?!

After we got back, we both seemed to get ready for work far quicker than usual! Paul didn't need to be out of the house until later so I was able to have a lift to work! Whoop! So in the mean time, we tried out something with Barney!

He liked watching the dot but had not interest in actually trying to bat at it! Damn it, kitties! Maia also liked watching it. Hmph. Need to borrow a kitten to see if SOMEONE will play with it!

Then to work. Another pretty rubbish day to be honest. Spoke to a nice Brummy chap (someone from Birmingham) but that was pretty much the only perk of the day. It was rubbish and I didn't like it!

Once I got home, I was trying to decide whether I could be bothered to do any ironing. Spoiler - I couldn't. I just wanted Paul to hurry home so we could get on with our evening's entertainment!

We had left over pie...

 ...and put on a Blu-ray!

This arrived yesterday and so tonight was the night we needed to see it again! It did not disappoint! Action-packed goodness!

It finished fairly late so we headed straight to bed afterwards. Come on, sleep! Don't let me down!



Monday, 25 August 2014

18th August 2014 - Yaaaaawwwwwwnnnnning

Paul couldn't sleep. He was still awake at silly o'clock and getting more and more frustrated with being awake all night long. He ended up getting up and going to sit downstairs. After trying to get back to sleep (unsuccessfully) I went down to talk to him.

We ended up coming back to bed, I lit some lavender incense stuff and hoped that Paul could relax and get some sleep.

He eventually did and I drifted off as well.

There was no chance that we were going to the gym though.

So, to work!

T was back today, which is great...the onslaught of work that we had come in because T was back so they thought we could handle it...not so much!

Neither of us were particularly enthused by anything in the office so I was getting grumpier and grumpier. :(

After work I came home and decided I needed to do some ironing to distract myself. I thought I'd put some comedy. I decided to watch Mock the Week, which usually amuses. Today was no exception...except when it crashed my computer. It left Russell Howard looking like this on my screen for a good 5 minutes!

While that's quite funny, at the same time rather irritating when he's part way through a joke!

I got quite a bit done until it was time for dinner! That seems like the perfect place to stop! Especially when you see what is for dinner!

Oh YEAH! Paul made pie! Chicken, bacon and mushroom pie! It is very delicious!

We (eventually) watched the latest True Blood (can't believe there is only ONE left. EVER!) and then it had got too late and as we were shattered, we headed to bed. Where we were greeted by Little Red Barney Hood!

He liked wearing my cardigan a lot! It was very cute! :)

Then it was sleepy time. Tonight WILL be better...right?



Sunday, 24 August 2014

17th August 2014 - Fun times!

We slept quite well last night! Not amazing, but not bad! This is progress, people!

Paul got up early to have breakfast as he was going to a Military Fitness course in a nearby park. When asked if I wanted to go, I may have laughed in his face. Just a tad.

Instead he dropped me off at the shops as I decided I wanted to bake a cake and we had run out of a few things I needed! I had a leisurely saunter round, picked up what I needed (and a few things I didn't expecially need) and then walked home.

I then remembered I takes well over an hour to bake the cake. Hmmm. I did it anyway, because otherwise my trip would have been wasted!

Paul got home, a broken man, showered and cooked a pasta sauce that we had made a few years before and not since. It was  requested by my friend Lucy's husband and as we were taking it over to their house to go visit them, we complied! The cake was also for Lucy's husband as it's his favourite!

We were a little later than intended leaving the house but not too bad and headed a short way down the motor way to see them! I noticed this painted on the bridge overhead.

The Pies. Because that's what bridges should have painted on them?! I think they're a band or something? I don't know! I remember a building I could see from my Uni had pies written on the side but it's been a while since I saw it on a bridge. I now have a hunger for pie.

We got to Lucy's house and were greeted by A! We got to meet A's little brother B! YAY! He's so cute and tiny! Well, they should be at 3 weeks old!

We chatted for a while as Paul and Lucy prepared lunch and it was good to catch up! I got a cuddle with the new little addition to their family too, which was lovely!

After lunch, I had more cuddles with the cutie pie and played with A, who was being a naughty cutie pie...but I'm used to them!

Lucy also showed me some of the cute clothes she has been given or has bought for B!

Totally adorable flat cap! Bit big for him right now, but SQUEE! We also dressed him us as the Very Hungry Caterpillar and he wiggled about which was cute!

We stayed a good while and then came home. We were both still full from lunch so didn't have a big dinner so had sausage sandwiches and watched Dead Poets Society as Paul has never seen it. He enjoyed it. So sad.

Then to bed.



Saturday, 23 August 2014

16th August 2014 - Scrubber!

We both woke up early ish this morning, which is a shame as we could lie in! I hate that! I didn't get up though, choosing to listen to the radio instead, which is far more fun!

Paul had to get up and go to the football and I had grand desires of getting some cleaning jobs done in the house.

I decided to clear out a few of my drawers and got rid of a shopping bag full of tatty old clothes! In with the tatty old clothes was a tatty teddy!

It says 'Friends Always' on it. I was given it by an old co-worker from back in the day. Yeah, we're Facebook friends but that's about as far as our friendship goes! Oh well! It's a cute bear!

I did eventually get off my backside and get on with some chores. I decided that today would be a great day to give the shower a good scrub and de-black the sealant around the edges. I'm just glad that the grout is black as that doesn't need de-blacking too!

It was far more gross than I thought it was going to be. I must not have done a great job last time I cleaned it because there was serious grime. Ick. So I did what any self-respecting housewife would do. I got the toothbrush on it!

I didn't take pictures. You'd judge us. But here's the toothbrush!

 As I was cleaning the shower, I was doing loads of washing as well. As I took out the white wash and was hanging it up to dry, I noticed that there were loads of brown marks all over it. Seriously icky. They were coming out dirtier than they were going in.

Well. Something else got scrubbed. To be fair, the rubber seal on the door was quite mingy and I had meant to do it for a while - this was the time! I also went to the shops and got some powder stuff you put in the drum and put it on a high-heat wash. Bubblicious!

It's gone a good job! I think it's a lot cleaner now! The white wash came out shiny. If it does it again in the next week or so, I'll be concerned.

I hate being a grown up!

After all the scrubbing, Paul got in and we had a fairly relaxed evening watching TV and drinking Schloer. Yep - no booze again! Go us!