Sunday, 17 August 2014

10th August 2014 - It's a Mystery!

A day with no plans whatsoever. Nothing. Zip. Nada! It's a great feeling! I love it!

We lazed. I do enjoy lazing. Except when I have to go and change a load of washing, but at least I can laze some more once that's been done! Playing with Barnacles can also be done whilst lazing, as it's him that needs to do all the work!

Alas, the lazing needed to end. Paul got up and went to the shops. I got up to do a little more tidying up as there was quite a lot of 'stuff' which was everywhere and needed to be put into place. Quite where that place is, I'm not sure.

While I was moving stiff around I found something which I found interesting to say the least!

A broken USB cable. Paul and I literally have no idea what this has come from. We can see it's been bitten to buggery by a certain little Beep whom shall remain nameless, but I really don't know what's on the other end! I don't think it's one of my phone wires as they seem accounted for. I can't think what else is Samsung in our house! Nor have we found the other end, despite my looking for it! So long as it wasn't eaten by a little Beep then I won't be too concerned. Just intrigued.

Once Paul got back from shopping and we had sorted a few other bits and bobs out, we headed downstairs, hoping to watch the Community Shield match between Manchester City and Arsenal. It was on a sports channel we don't have access to. It's a bit daft putting on a football game named "Community Shield" yet it's on a channel that you have to pay for therefore is not immediately accessible to the Community. Hmph.

There was no other alternative. It was going to have to be Stargate Sunday instead! We started just after 3pm and by bed time were 1 episode into the 2nd season!

Of course, we had dinner in the middle!

Giant Roast Pork dinner, cooked from scratch by Paul. I do love roast pork quite a lot. I think because you can legit have apple sauce AND mustard AND stuffing with it! :)

After we got through Stargate it was time to go to bed. As I was about to close the curtains, there were plain clothes policemen hammering at the door at number 4 opposite and speaking with the neighbour at number 6. Yeah, that's not at all scary. Wonder what all that is about.

They left and a car alarm went off. The Powers That Be clearly don't want me to have a good night's sleep!



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