Monday, 18 August 2014

11th August 2014 - Can't think of a title for today. Sorry!

We were awake early this morning. Paul had stolen the duvet from me and I was cold so had to scoot really far down the bed to get myself a share! He's too strong to steal it all back!

He woke up not feeling very well so we didn't gym. Didn't want him being sick everywhere.

I came to work and was immediately faced with a busy day. Busy is good. I can deal with busy. It wasn't bad busy either, unlike last week. It is only Monday though, so my breath isn't going to get held here!

All in all, the day went pretty fast, which makes a nice change!

When I got home, instead of being lazy, I got my ironing board out again and ploughed through some of the pile. There is still holiday stuff in there and I'd like it gone! Sadly, today wasn't the day that was going to happen and I barely did half of it. Joys of being distracted. Mostly by cats that wanted to play. We HAVE to play with our cats - vets orders - so I needed to ignore the ironing every so often, ok?!

We had dinner which wasn't as planned but was pretty yummy. Chicken, cheese and bacon on a brioche roll! Delish! Sadly only small but with Paul not feeling great, it was probably the right idea.

We watched the latest ep of True Blood (can't believe there are only 2 eps left EVER!) then decided to have an early night. Paul needs to rest to recover and I just need to rest with the duvet all night and less stomping from a certain little Beep!

Sleep is for the weak, right?



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