Tuesday, 19 August 2014

12th August 2014 - Crafty Cags!

Paul still feels ropey so we had another lazy morning. Due to him not feeling well enough to go to the office, he worked from home after giving me a cheeky lift into work! I like getting a lift but I don't like poorly sick Paul. Everyone hope he feels better soon!

Another busy day in work and I wasn't really feeling it but it's one of those situations where you just have to man up and get on with it! So I did. I'm getting very good at manning up. Still haven't got the foggiest as to what I'm actually doing, but I'm brave enough to give it a go! Well done me, I say!

I also got a cheeky delivery in work today!

I ordered these from Little Red's Home made Gifts just after Lucy had little baby B (I've said the name before but will try not to again for privacy's sake) and they arrived today! Looking forward to giving them to her when we get to see them all!

Speaking of Lucy, I started making the card she custom ordered from me last week! All the extra pieces I needed had arrived so no time like the present to get it done! Plus it means I don't have to iron tonight! WHOOP!

Maia helped with the scrabble tiles. She really quite liked the 'A' towards the top!

I basically just needed to arrange the letters into a format that fit and was pretty. There were a couple of options...

 I then took loads of pictures of the different decorative options and forwarded them all onto Lucy to see which she liked.

 I couldn't resist starting the post with this! :)

I also found a website that would watermark the images, should I decide to put the finished article on line. I started a crafty blog but it's not ready for public consumption yet! I am being urged to market them but I REALLY don't think I'm good enough for that! I just like doing it for me! Saves me finding the perfect card for people when I can make them myself! :)

After I had done as much as I could without Lucy's go ahead we had dinner and watched some more Stargate. Whilst eating, Lucy told me what she liked best (and sent me the cutest picture of A with little B!) and invited us to go and meet him on Sunday! Yay! I was hoping we'd get to go soon, especially as the gifts arrived today! :)

We decided on a fairly early night as we were both so tired, hoping that we'd get a better sleep.



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  1. there are a lot of people who craft and make money who think their work could be better. Remember you are going for cute and sweet and special, not perfect