Wednesday, 20 August 2014

13th August 2014 - Good Day Gone Bad!

Paul had a bad night's sleep. Mine wasn't great but not as bad as his. At least we didn't have to be up early this morning but still - not good.

Had a very productive morning in work! The time flew by! I like it when that happens! I don't like to wish time away, especially when the year has gone so fast already, but I was smug with my morning's work!

Then it all went wrong. So wrong.

We had a visitor to the office. I don't even really need to say who the visitor was. An image will do that for me.

Yep - my old line manager and bestest friend in the whole entire world came to the office to drop off some files he had taken. We've only been waiting 3 months for them. This must be some sort of record!

He only stayed for 5 minutes talking to me and I think the hostility came off me in waves so he retreated. Thank goodness. I was not impressed. Still trying to convince the world he's better than everyone else. Nope. Soz, pal, you aren't.

This put me in a funk for the rest of the day. He really gets my goat, even after nearly 2 years of him not working here. Wow, it's actually been that long. Nearly. Madness.

I hurried home after work, not wanting to be in the office any more. We were going to go to the cinema again tonight but figured that it wasn't worth it just in case Paul fell asleep! So I decided to make the card for Lucy and get the glue gun out!

It didn't take long and I hope she likes it in real life as well as in photographs!

I'm quite pleased with it! It's not the variation that I would have chosen myself but that's why I gave her options! I still think it looks ok. I think I might have to experiment with different coloured card behind the hessian in future, as I think without buttons it's a bit bland.

Once I finished, we relaxed and watched some more Stargate over dinner. I have a feeling this is going to be a common theme for the rest of the year!

We decided to try yet another early night in the hope Paul gets a better night's sleep.



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