Thursday, 21 August 2014

14th August 2014 - It's Done!

Not a bad sleep but too sleepy to be getting up to go to the gym. Next week = new start for us. Lots more gym and better living. I think we're having a weekend off the booze as well! Let's see if that keeps up!

It absolutely threw it down with rain this morning, literally just  for the duration of my walk to work. It came down heavy as I stepped out of the house and stopped as soon as I got to the front door. Grr. My legs were soaked!

It got so bad that I had to take off my shoes so they could dry out! Luckily for me I had my fluffy slippers here so was able to keep my feet toasty warm!

It's a good look, with my suit trousers, no?!

It was a mad busy day but got a lot done and was pleased with it! Go me!

The one kicker is that I was sending a LOT of emails out that were a bit on the snarky side, which meant that I was getting the retaliation. I'm just the messenger! Be nice to me. So whenever I saw the new email icon, I approached it in fear!

I quickly opened it to get rid of the notification then closed it again like a wimp! I'll print it later! I'm on my lunch! I don't want meanies ruining my break!

No rest for the wicked today though, as when I got home I was determined to get the ironing DONE. I mean all of it. All that holiday stuff that has been there since we got back. I want it GONE! So I got on with it, stopping for a quick 45 minute break for my tea (chorizo burgers...mmm!) and an episode of Stargate.

I did it. By 9pm it was finished!

Maia was so happy it was empty, she put her favourite piece of lace in there in playful celebration!

Yes, Frodo. I feel my ironing challenge IS as big of a deal as you casting the One Ring into the fires of Mount Doom! Shame I didn't have an eagle to carry me to bed as well!

I played with Maia for a while once I finished as she was feeling feisty. Then Barney came and made it all about him so Maia wouldn't play any more. These two cannot play together. That it impossible. I feel sorry for Maia as I don't get to play with her very often as Barney always takes over. He's such a spoiler.

We then went to bed and hoped for a good night's sleep. As we do every night!



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