Saturday, 23 August 2014

16th August 2014 - Scrubber!

We both woke up early ish this morning, which is a shame as we could lie in! I hate that! I didn't get up though, choosing to listen to the radio instead, which is far more fun!

Paul had to get up and go to the football and I had grand desires of getting some cleaning jobs done in the house.

I decided to clear out a few of my drawers and got rid of a shopping bag full of tatty old clothes! In with the tatty old clothes was a tatty teddy!

It says 'Friends Always' on it. I was given it by an old co-worker from back in the day. Yeah, we're Facebook friends but that's about as far as our friendship goes! Oh well! It's a cute bear!

I did eventually get off my backside and get on with some chores. I decided that today would be a great day to give the shower a good scrub and de-black the sealant around the edges. I'm just glad that the grout is black as that doesn't need de-blacking too!

It was far more gross than I thought it was going to be. I must not have done a great job last time I cleaned it because there was serious grime. Ick. So I did what any self-respecting housewife would do. I got the toothbrush on it!

I didn't take pictures. You'd judge us. But here's the toothbrush!

 As I was cleaning the shower, I was doing loads of washing as well. As I took out the white wash and was hanging it up to dry, I noticed that there were loads of brown marks all over it. Seriously icky. They were coming out dirtier than they were going in.

Well. Something else got scrubbed. To be fair, the rubber seal on the door was quite mingy and I had meant to do it for a while - this was the time! I also went to the shops and got some powder stuff you put in the drum and put it on a high-heat wash. Bubblicious!

It's gone a good job! I think it's a lot cleaner now! The white wash came out shiny. If it does it again in the next week or so, I'll be concerned.

I hate being a grown up!

After all the scrubbing, Paul got in and we had a fairly relaxed evening watching TV and drinking Schloer. Yep - no booze again! Go us!



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