Sunday, 24 August 2014

17th August 2014 - Fun times!

We slept quite well last night! Not amazing, but not bad! This is progress, people!

Paul got up early to have breakfast as he was going to a Military Fitness course in a nearby park. When asked if I wanted to go, I may have laughed in his face. Just a tad.

Instead he dropped me off at the shops as I decided I wanted to bake a cake and we had run out of a few things I needed! I had a leisurely saunter round, picked up what I needed (and a few things I didn't expecially need) and then walked home.

I then remembered I takes well over an hour to bake the cake. Hmmm. I did it anyway, because otherwise my trip would have been wasted!

Paul got home, a broken man, showered and cooked a pasta sauce that we had made a few years before and not since. It was  requested by my friend Lucy's husband and as we were taking it over to their house to go visit them, we complied! The cake was also for Lucy's husband as it's his favourite!

We were a little later than intended leaving the house but not too bad and headed a short way down the motor way to see them! I noticed this painted on the bridge overhead.

The Pies. Because that's what bridges should have painted on them?! I think they're a band or something? I don't know! I remember a building I could see from my Uni had pies written on the side but it's been a while since I saw it on a bridge. I now have a hunger for pie.

We got to Lucy's house and were greeted by A! We got to meet A's little brother B! YAY! He's so cute and tiny! Well, they should be at 3 weeks old!

We chatted for a while as Paul and Lucy prepared lunch and it was good to catch up! I got a cuddle with the new little addition to their family too, which was lovely!

After lunch, I had more cuddles with the cutie pie and played with A, who was being a naughty cutie pie...but I'm used to them!

Lucy also showed me some of the cute clothes she has been given or has bought for B!

Totally adorable flat cap! Bit big for him right now, but SQUEE! We also dressed him us as the Very Hungry Caterpillar and he wiggled about which was cute!

We stayed a good while and then came home. We were both still full from lunch so didn't have a big dinner so had sausage sandwiches and watched Dead Poets Society as Paul has never seen it. He enjoyed it. So sad.

Then to bed.



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