Monday, 25 August 2014

18th August 2014 - Yaaaaawwwwwwnnnnning

Paul couldn't sleep. He was still awake at silly o'clock and getting more and more frustrated with being awake all night long. He ended up getting up and going to sit downstairs. After trying to get back to sleep (unsuccessfully) I went down to talk to him.

We ended up coming back to bed, I lit some lavender incense stuff and hoped that Paul could relax and get some sleep.

He eventually did and I drifted off as well.

There was no chance that we were going to the gym though.

So, to work!

T was back today, which is great...the onslaught of work that we had come in because T was back so they thought we could handle it...not so much!

Neither of us were particularly enthused by anything in the office so I was getting grumpier and grumpier. :(

After work I came home and decided I needed to do some ironing to distract myself. I thought I'd put some comedy. I decided to watch Mock the Week, which usually amuses. Today was no exception...except when it crashed my computer. It left Russell Howard looking like this on my screen for a good 5 minutes!

While that's quite funny, at the same time rather irritating when he's part way through a joke!

I got quite a bit done until it was time for dinner! That seems like the perfect place to stop! Especially when you see what is for dinner!

Oh YEAH! Paul made pie! Chicken, bacon and mushroom pie! It is very delicious!

We (eventually) watched the latest True Blood (can't believe there is only ONE left. EVER!) and then it had got too late and as we were shattered, we headed to bed. Where we were greeted by Little Red Barney Hood!

He liked wearing my cardigan a lot! It was very cute! :)

Then it was sleepy time. Tonight WILL be better...right?



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