Tuesday, 26 August 2014

19th August 2014 - On Your Left!

We slept better. This is good! Both of us wanted us to stay in bed but that little nagging voice in the back of our head basically told us we should get up and go to the gym. So we did!

In the torrential rain!

Aren't you proud of us?!

After we got back, we both seemed to get ready for work far quicker than usual! Paul didn't need to be out of the house until later so I was able to have a lift to work! Whoop! So in the mean time, we tried out something with Barney!

He liked watching the dot but had not interest in actually trying to bat at it! Damn it, kitties! Maia also liked watching it. Hmph. Need to borrow a kitten to see if SOMEONE will play with it!

Then to work. Another pretty rubbish day to be honest. Spoke to a nice Brummy chap (someone from Birmingham) but that was pretty much the only perk of the day. It was rubbish and I didn't like it!

Once I got home, I was trying to decide whether I could be bothered to do any ironing. Spoiler - I couldn't. I just wanted Paul to hurry home so we could get on with our evening's entertainment!

We had left over pie...

 ...and put on a Blu-ray!

This arrived yesterday and so tonight was the night we needed to see it again! It did not disappoint! Action-packed goodness!

It finished fairly late so we headed straight to bed afterwards. Come on, sleep! Don't let me down!



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