Wednesday, 27 August 2014

20th August 2014 - Naff.

Didn't have the best of sleeps. Again. I think I'm saying words very similar to that every day, aren't I?! Ah well.

Nothing particularly interesting happened this morning at all.

Then work. Which wasn't interesting either to be honest. In fact, it was pretty darn rubbish. I didn't feel as though I could catch up with anything. First off, T's computer broke, which was not good as I had to try to fix it. I couldn't. IT guy was sorting it remotely but it meant that T couldn't use her machine all morning. Not good.

Basically, the day was rubbish. No two ways about it. It was naff.

Paul met me after work and we went to the shops for a few dinner bits. Which is when he mentioned that he had a couple of pints at lunch time.

Then I wanted beer.

Taken from Tumblr
It was justified by the fact that we do normally have a couple of beers on a Wednesday, therefore it's ok!

Beer and blankie. Perfect.

I wasn't really in a great mood tonight so we watched some telly for a bit then went to bed. Not the most exciting of days but hopefully we can get up and gym tomorrow!



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