Saturday, 2 August 2014

26th July 2014 - More Surprises!

Despite waking up at silly o'clock, both Paul and I were able to get back to sleep. We did sleep quite late though. Oops. Lots to do today and the time needed for it to get done is slowly creeping away!

Once we had come to, we had a brew then headed into town as I had an urgent birthday present to buy! I knew exactly what I wanted, so off we went.

People were literally lining the streets to see us go past!

No joke!

Ok, slight joke! There was an event going on in Liverpool today, which ordinarily we would have gone to see (maybe) but as we already had plans, it didn't happen.

We headed home after I got what we were after, then Paul went to get a new tyre put on his car while I showered and beautified myself.

I learnt how to do a new hair style, which is nice. I didn't take any pictures of it though. It lasted all evening, which I'm impressed by!

After doing my hair I pretty much needed another shower immediately afterwards as it's really warm again!

Paul also got ready and we got in the car and headed over to a Golf Club just outside of Stockport for a little party!

It's my friend Sue (and her idential twin sister Becky)'s 30th birthday on Tuesday and so their husbands decided to organise a surprise party for them both! It was a bit of a feat, especially with Sue living in Switzerland now, but they pulled it off and in a very lovely location as well!

These pictures really don't do how beautiful the view was justice! Just trust me on that one, ok?!

Well, all the planning paid off as neither of them had any idea! I have never seen such shocked faces in every surprise do we have been to!

It was good surprise!

We had a few drinks (me maybe more than a few) and said our hellos! We had some food and generally chilled out!

We spoke with a few people but we don't really know anyone so just sat and waited for the cake to be cut before we made a move home!

Becky is on the left, Sue is on the right. Rick, Sue's husband is the chap in the last picture.

We stayed to finish our drinks and got talking to some elderly relatives of Sue's (not sure who they are, sadly) who were lovely, then once they left, we pretty much stole their seats! Rick's sister, husband and friend came and joined us, followed by Rick and one of Sue's friends from her old job, followed by Sue a little later...we started the party, folks!

Paul was getting bored though, as he couldn't really drink, so I gave Sue her present (a mini Superlambanana!) then we headed home.

We had a cheeky gin and tonic, which Paul deserved, then went to bed as we were both shattered!

A (unexpectedly) fun evening was had! Yay for surprise parties! Although I'm glad we have no plans for the next few weeks now!



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