Monday, 4 August 2014

28th July 2014 - Naughty Cags...

OH EM GEE GUYS - guess what we did this morning? WE WENT TO THE GYM! The first time in forever!

We got there just as it was opening, which was later than billed as the chap with the keys clearly forgot to get out of bed! Still we got to do about 20 minutes which was good! Better than nothing, which is what we've been doing for ages!

All to soon, it was time to go to work, sadly, so Paul dropped me off with my bag of tricks (food for a week etc). I got ambushed as soon as I got in! BossMan T doesn't even let me take my bag off my shoulder before firing questions at me. I should be used to this now. I suppose I am as I can generally answer anything he wants to know.

Try to connect to our office network and I can't. Keep trying for the next hour...and fail. The system is down. On a day when I really don't fancy being in the office (a little more than usual!) I am there and can't do any work! Typical!

This lasted for well over an hour and even when I could connect, it would kick me out again. Repeatedly. It wasn't until about 11am that it settled down enough for us to be able to actually do any work without the risk of everything being lost.

That's when I got a text from Koran asking if I fancy going out for tea tonight. She also text on Friday but I'd forgotten all about it. Well, why not?! So over lunch I found somewhere for us to go, booked it then had something to look forward to, which got me through the rest of the day!

After work we went home and I freshened up before Paul drove me over to Koran's house, then dropped us both in town.

We headed to a place called House and Koran proceeded to be a rebel and lead me astray. It's all her fault. Not at all mine. Nope. Not one bit.

My strawberry daiquiri. It was lush.

Koran's English Martini.

We had some food as well, so you're not too concerned that I'm having liquid meals. I had a chilli burger which was basically meh. It was ok. Nothing special.

We ate up and caught up on all the latest gossip...I have none and Koran had loads, as usual!

We hoped to head over to a pub quiz round the corner but by the time we got there all the tables were full and no one would share their table with us. Meanies.

So we left there and went to a different bar around the corner. More cocktails were had. We both had a Basil Grande while scouring the rest of the menu for something more interesting.

Yes, we were getting slightly tipsy at this point.

Koran moved on to a Pornstar Martini, while I had a Jammie B*stard.

Koran's came with a shot of prosecco. If I liked passion fruit more, I'd have been loving that! Instead, my lovely cocktail came with a cool glass/jar!

Mmmm. Plus it came with a raspberry and a blackberry in it, which I saved to the end so got some healthy fruit infused with booze! DELISH!

How cool is that glass though? I love the jam jar tankard!

After 2 (sigh) of those I told Koran I needed to call it a night as I have to work tomorrow. So does she, but she's on nights so could sleep it off!

I called Paul and asked for a lift home. While we waited, Koran MADE me have another gin and tonic which we finished just as he arrived!

He drove K home, then we got in and it was time to go straight to bed. It wasn't even 11 yet so it wasn't too bad...right?

Yeah, I'll let you know tomorrow!

Yes, I was naughty but we were celebrating as Koran has been accepted into the Army Reserves which furthers her nursing career and she gets a cool title like Lieutenant or something! That's pretty ace! So y'all have to call her Ma'am from now on. Them's the rules! :)



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