Tuesday, 5 August 2014

29th July 2014 - Knowing my ABCs!

I woke up this morning feelin' fine! Which came as a bit of a surprise to be honest. Paul thought it wouldn't be wise to gym and I agreed. So we slept a little more then dragged ourselves out of bed to work.

Work was much more of the same as yesterday. The system was down and really unreliable. We did what we could but it wasn't overly easy. T was getting really frustrated as she goes away for 2 weeks and had quite a lot that she wanted to do, which was proving difficult with lack of connectivity!

After work, I had to make a decision - the massive pile of ironing that needs doing or fashioning a new baby card for Lucy (who had a little boy last Wednesday...can't remember if I mentioned it...) as the materials I had purchased had arrived.

Yeah, the card won out. Figured it was a little more important, plus, quite frankly, more fun!

I had bought some scrabble-esque letters off Ebay and decided to use those!

I spelled out all of the baby's names (first name, two middle names and surname) then arranged then in scrabble style. I then realised I could also fit the word 'welcome' on it too, as it needed something extra on the left hand side! It all came together so well I was really shocked!

I decided that card was a bit too small, so I used a sheet of A4 card I had left from our wedding invitations and folded that in half instead. It's also less flimsy than the pre-packed cards so hopefully will hold the weight.

Just putting the letters onto cream card wasn't working for me. It needed texture. It needed decoration. It needed leftovers!

That's more like it! With a million miles of hessian left, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to use some of it! Plus buttons. Because...buttons!

I got my old friend the glue gun out and a set square and worked my magic.

Voila! Baby card!

I'm really pleased with it to be honest! Far easier than some that I have previously made, but very effective and very me, I think!

I'll get that sent tomorrow.

Instead of doing ironing, I vegetated for the rest of the evening. We watched True Blood, which was good, sent emergency train information to BossMan T (long story) and then went to bed. Fairly yawnsome day but creative!



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