Saturday, 9 August 2014

2nd August 2014 - Just call me Captain Grumpychops

I had a really disturbed night's sleep once I eventually got to bed. I was being pestered by a very clingy Barnacle. Which I guess makes his name an accurate representation of who he is! :)

So Barney likes to cuddle during the night. It's the only time he cuddles me and purrs and is happy. He doesn't often snuggle up to my lap or sit on my belly; he likes to curl up on our pillows (we have a small cushion between them called the Barney pillow due to this) and purr. Also find a bare shoulder or head or arm and paw at it until you pet him and give him attention. Which is why my automatic reaction to his appearance on our bed in the middle of the night is (if I'm lying on my back) to throw my right arm above my head and create a nook for him.

This morning he curled up in the nook, held my hand for a while, then put his head in my hand, purring away and fell asleep for a while. I let this happen and dozed off myself, until I was so uncomfortable I woke up again. He didn't really want me to have my hand back, though, so we compromised for a while

He's a happy boy!

I got back to sleep and woke up at around 8am. We had a morning appointment with the vet for Barney to have a weigh in, so we both had to get up and inspire ourselves to leave the house...which was easier said than done.

We got to the vet right on time and were actually seen by the vet rather than the nurse for a weigh in. Barney was actually willing to get out of the carrier, which is rare, deciding that he wanted to explore the vets room for a bit!

We popped him on the scale and he hadn't lost any weight whatsoever. The vet said not to worry but I wasn't impressed. I said that he weighed less on the scales in the nurse's room so he went to get those. Much better! Last month he was 7.9kg (17.4lb) and today he was 7.78kg (17.2lb)! Two pounds ish lost! I'm fairly pleased with that considering how the cattery (I suspect) overfed him and his enthusiasm for play has got less recently due to the heat. We have tried - honest!

The vet said that we can give it another month until we go back, so we have to make more of an improvement next time. I'm determined! We're going to up the amount of light food we give him, decreasing the hairball/other food and hopefully that will make a difference. Obviously this applies to Maia as well.

We stopped at Pets at Home on the way back to the house as I needed to replace the over-door toy I got him before holiday as he broke it. Aherm. I picked up one or two other toys while I was there to hopefully inspire play between him and Maia.

So many choices for a Barney! He played a tiny tiny bit but there was decidedly less enthusiasm than I was hoping for. Hmph.

OH, while trying to get Barney to play a little there was a knock at the door! I had a delivery!


It's my prize from winning the competition the other day! I wasn't expecting it so soon!

 Yay! Some light reading for me today! Except I need to be productive this weekend, so I'll have to settle with a few chapters here and there!

I wanted to attack our spare 'junk' room today as it had turned into a total pigsty and there's absolutely no reason for it to be that way. Turns out that there's carpet in there under all the stuff and cat hair! Who'd have thought it?!

Paul, meanwhile chose to move the fridge and clean behind it...yeah. It was gross.

The random things this time - half the alphabet, hairbands and a ruler. Huh.

We had about 4 boxes of papers and random bits and bobs we have accumulated over the years just sitting in the spare room. Today is the perfect day to sort it all out.

Paul had a lot of old work stuff which he no longer needs and I had loads of old bills/statements etc. It's all going to the shredder! Luckily my shredding boxes in the office were emptied on Friday so there's plenty of room for all my stuff!

I also found this:

This is a post card sent to me from New York back in 2007 by two of my favourite people, A & D! Sent when Heroes was actually good! YATTAH! They speak of how they were sat by Marvel's offices at the time of writing. This is far bigger and cooler news to me now than it was at the time! AWESOME! :)

I got a lot of stuff sorted and ready for shredding! I'm really proud of my work and the spare room actually looks acceptable! Shocking! I do like it in there when it's clear and tidy. So do the cats, who are once again covering the carpet with fur!

I'm not going to lie, though. I was in a foul mood today. Really grumpy and miserable and far better off on my own sorting things out than talking to people. I was made extra grumpy by stabbing myself with a pair of scissors (by accident) when taking some packaging off one of Barney's toys.

It bloomin' hurt. A lot. Still does. Stupid scissors. Stupid Caroline. Grr.

Paul went out to get a few things for dinner and also brought me a present to cheer me up.

Flowers! Sunflowers to be exact! I love sunflowers as they're so happy. The dead ones at the bottom are my wedding bouquet, so ignore those! Pretty colourful flowers are the way forward!

I came down from sitting and being grumpy to have dinner and watch some tv. You know you're in the worst mood in the world when there is literally nothing on tv that you want to watch. At all. Sky Sports News was driving me nuts so I channel hopped and found some comedy. Even that wasn't making me laugh. I just sat being sarcastic and grumpy.

Paul had the right idea when he suggested going to bed as being awake wasn't exactly a success!

Aren't you proud of us - we didn't have a drink today! On a Saturday and everything! Maybe if I had, I'd have been in a better mood. Something to think about there...



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  1. how on earth could you do anything with that book just sitting there waiting for you?